Good News for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 & Note 7 Pro, Camera2Api is Enabled by Default


Xiaomi Recently launched an Amazing Device in China under its Sub-Brand "Redmi", that phone is Called as "Redmi Note 7" & it has got this Samsung GM1 Sensor which Shoots Images at 48MegaPixels.
If you want to Know How 48MP is implemented,
Here is the Video

The Redmi Note 7 Comes at a Very Affordable Price Tag and Also It's Launch in India is going to happen very Soon. But before the Launch We have got an awesome news to share with you.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Supports Camera2Api by Default. Yes.
In case you don't know, Camera2Api is an "Application Programming Interface for Camera",
Which means its a Set of Codes Written to run Specific Camera Apps like Google Camera.
And Google Camera didn't work without Camera2api in any Devices.

 So, To install Google Camera We had to Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP, Root our Device, Edit Build Prop Editor & only then Camera2api gets enabled. So this Process is lengthy, time consuming and also takes so much time.
In case you want to know How to install Google Camera.

But finally the news that Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is having Pre-Activated Camera2Api is awesome.
Now Developers only need to Port the Google Camera to Redmi Note 7  and we dont really require to Unlock Bootloader and Flash anything.
We just need to wait until someone ports Google Camera to it.

So Should We Thank Xiaomi for this?
No, The Camera2api which has been Pre-Activated is not something done by Xiaomi Alone, We should thank Google more for it. 
Google Created some rules for the Smartphone Manufacturers So that they recieve Verification by Google, if they do not come to the terms then there verification will fail eventually.

Some of these Rules are -

1. Any New Android Phone Launching Should not be Launched on Older Version of Android (Not more than Last 2 Android Versions, Which means, Google Latest Android is Android Pie, So Manufacturers can only launch devices Based on Android Oreo or Android Pie, They are not Allowed to Launch on Android Nougat or Earlier versions of Android)

2. All the devices that launch on Oreo or later version, Must have there Bootloader Locked

3. Any Device that Launches on Oreo or Later, they must Support Project Treble 

4. Any device that is launching on Android Pie, they must have Camera2Api Enabled, But if a device launches on Oreo then update to Pie, there's no need to enable Camera2Api

and there are many rules like these.
The Fourth rule really Forced Xiaomi to Enable Camera2api is Redmi Note 7 as it is launching directly on Android Pie.
So it will be first Redmi device to have Pre-enabled Camera2Api.

Just think,
48MP + Google Camera 😍

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