A Resignation Letter to Xiaomi, I am No More A Mi Fan. Thank You for All the Memories.


Mi Fan Club, Patna

Regarding – Resignation from the Tag “Mi Fan”.

I was a Mi Fan before I was a YouTuber. I was a Mi Fan because I really loved Xiaomi. My name is Mohammed Shahrukh, I am from Patna, Bihar, and I was a Mi Fan even before Patna Fans Club existed.

After more than a Year of being in Mi Fans Club Patna, I now resign from this group. I have no Hate against anyone or anything, its just that I am moving on as everyone should.

I found many beautiful people being in a Mi Fans Club, all were very helpful, kind, lovely. Especially, Dhruv Bhai, Hari-Om Bhai & Hasib Bhai was one of the best people I met. I will be in touch with everyone even after leaving this club/group.

But everyone might ask me why Am I leaving this group? So, Here is the answer –

As I told earlier, I was a Mi Fan even before I was a YouTuber, and It’s the truth. When I joined Mi Fans Club, I did not join it as a Youtuber, I joined it as a Mi Fan. When the Patna Fans Club was not even official, Dhruv Bhai approached me to joined it, and I loved the idea so I joined it. While Dhruv bhai was joining many members by his hard work, I also tried to help increase some members by announcing many times about the Mi Fans Patna Club in my YouTube Channel.

Even When it was not official, I tried to create an awareness about the Mi Patna Group through my YouTube. And All of our Hard work pays off. Now am not saying that members joined because of me, No. All the credits goes to Dhruv Bhai and Hari-Om bhai. I just used myself as a medium to help create awareness.

Then Our Patna Club became Official, We held many Meetups. I even cancelled all my YouTube meetups So that People get interested in coming to Fan Club of Xiaomi, not Fan Club of The Tech Star Shahrukh. Things were going fine, I always tried to meet everyone at the meetup, Do QnA’s, Shot Pictures, Videos, etc.

For me, Being A Mi Fan & Being a YouTuber had two different definitions. I always tried to Promote Mi Fan Club in My YouTube but Never Promoted YouTube in Mi Fan Club. And the true thing is, I was never inactive. I might have missed one or two meetups out of total 17 meetups which is 15 Official and 2 Unofficial meetups. Even after this, I never asked anything from Xiaomi.

On Mi Fan Club, I was working Honestly as a Mi Fan. So on YouTube I worked honestly as a Youtuber. Almost 60% of the Videos on my channel is related to Xiaomi that’s why many times I raised voices against Xiaomi so that they improve that thing, I always tried to give them best possible feedbacks honestly. If the thing was good, I said good. And if it wasn’t, I said how it can become good.

But there were many People inside the Mi Fan Club Global Who started hating me just because I’m a YouTuber. So, it resulted it many things which I don’t really want to remember. But I suffered abuse by many Mi Fans in the Global Group which I don’t want to take name. So, after things get heated up, I left the Global Group, but still I was with Mi Fan Club Patna group.

Then Many things happened, I was banned in Mi Forum for Leaking Closed Beta Rom, even I was not a Beta tester & I never leaked anything. I don’t know how it was possible that they banned without any proof. Still it was okay. And Haters are everywhere, So, we can’t do anything about it.

Being in Mi Fan Club Patna, I got a Chance to Visit Redmi Note 5 Pro Launch event with Dhruv Bhai, Which I really loved and Showed in my Videos. I met great people like Jai Mani, Manu Kumar Jain and Many Mi Fans to. We had awesome chat till night, which is one of the most beautiful memories of being there. It was quite good.

But seeing me there also heated up Some More Mi Fans, and they were all looking at me like a YouTuber. But I was there as a Mi Fan, Right?

So, lets fast forward to 2019, at the Redmi Note 7 Launch Event. I got a call from Dhruv Bhai asking whether I would like to go for the launch event or not. And I said why not. And Dhruv Bhai said to me that, if you go there, go like a Mi Fan, not Youtuber. I said you know me I always do, don’t worry. And everything was fine.

So, we were chosen among the 70+ Mi Fans to go to the Launch Event from the Mi Fans Club Global. I was excited, I felt good, but there was also a negative vibe coming into my head. But things were going fine, then after Waiting Some days, they issued me a ticket for the Launch Event, It was an airline ticket. I got wow, Xiaomi really helping Mi Fans.

After receiving my Airline ticket, Some Mi Fans found out that I am also in the list, and they started protesting. Soon I received a call from Dhruv Bhai that Mi Fans don’t want you to be in Launch Event as you are a Youtuber. I told him but I am a Mi Fan too? Dhruv bhai said, yeah, I know but still there are people who are creating Nuisance.

So, I said to Dhruv Bhai, if they don’t want me in the Launch Event, Fine, I won’t come, cancel my ticket no problem. I don’t want to create any Ruckus in the launch event. A company launch event should not be disturbed because of me, I said.

Then I got to know that Mi fans started calling like “A YouTuber can’t be a Mi Fan”. The Tech Star is Selfish Guy, he is going to launch event for his YouTube, he is a leaker, he is not a Mi Fan, he is blah la blah.. Nothing that I never heard of.

And I cleared Dhruv Bhai, that tell Xiaomi that I won’t be coming in Launch event if they don’t want, and they don’t need any reason to cancel my ticket, Just cancel it without Reason. But What Struck in my Heart is that, they don’t only Cancelled my Ticket, they tagged me for another thing.

They said, “Some of the group members are not active from 6 months that’s why we are cancelling their tickets”, I mean come on, whoever wrote this, You could have done better. You could have said that A Youtuber’s ticket will be cancelled, A youtuber is not allowed in Mi Fans Club. But What you tagged me of that “I am inactive”? Which is Completely false.

And when I read that Accusation, I finally decided that now my time with Mi Fans Club is over. I have hate against no one, and I love everyone, but there comes a time when people should learn to move on. And being a Mi Fan gave me many beautiful memories but also taught me many lessons which I might never forget.

And now it is the time that I Leave the Tag of “Mi Fan” behind and Embrace the Tag of “YouTuber” all along. Because if Everyone is saying that a Youtuber Can’t be a Mi Fan, then how can a Youtuber be in a Mi Fan Club group?

Today, with this Application I resigned from the Mi Fans Club Patna group and I will no longer have any association with Mi Fans Club, I hope everyone understand and respect my stand.

Thank You

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  1. Very Good decision Bhai...Kudos to you...

  2. They hate your fame bro

  3. Very Good decision bhai... Don't worry... You are approached and invited to attend next year at launch event of note 8 as a YouTuber.

  4. Dude There might Be a few Who would have read your Writings But seriously I Looked each and every Single Line and I know How much it Hurts. C'mon Dude Its the Time You can Build Your own Glory and Show them Who are you, So that they may also realize what they actually Did. :)

  5. Very good .. Decision bro... I'll also sell off my all MI devices... And wont recommend it to anyone.... Any more

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