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The Tech Star is an Official Website of the Youtube Channel "The Tech Star Shahrukh" having more than 200K+ Subscribers, and this Website deals with Technology & All the latest news about it.

While  YouTube Channel is run by an individual, This website is result of a team effort.
We are a team of Very Young & Passionate Tech Savvy Guys, Who always tries to give their best in Bringing You the Best of the Tech.

I hope you are Enjoying our Website as well as learning many new things Everyday.
But give us a little moment of your time to know about the People who are behind this Amazing Website.

1. Mr. Mohammed Shahrukh (Owner of Youtube Channel - The Tech Star Shahrukh), A Very Passionate YouTuber also trying to give so much time on Content Writing & giving it a Structure by providing Key details to his Blogs & Videos.

Feel Free to Contact at -
Email - techstarsrk@gmail.com
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2. Mr. Sagar Raj (Owner of Youtube Channel - Mr. Technoholic), A Hard Working & Passionate Youtuber & A Blogger, having worked in many Platforms of Content Writing like NewsDog & WeMedia, Mr. Sagar Raj loves to bring Technology in a Way we interact with people on Social Media. Yes its Not English or Hindi, But its Hinglish. We use Hinglish in Reading, Writing on our Mobile Phones So much Now A Days, that We love to Provide you content in the same language.

Feel Free to Connect at -
Email - mrtechnoholic01@gmail.com

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