Poco F1 Miui 10 Camera App Ported for Custom AOSP Roms

If you are having Xiaomi Poco F1, there is a possibility that you've moved to custom rom, because Poco F1 is a developer friendly device and Unlocking Bootloader or Even flashing Custom Roms does not bricks it. Because Xiaomi never enabled anti rollback on Poco, So Owners are happy testing their custom roms.
But, Miui 10 has already so many features that Poco users are not willing to move to custom roms, one of the features is the Miui Camera App with Super Slow Mo Support at 960fps, and till now you can only do that in Miui but not on custom rom.
Today I will tell you, how you can install Miui Camera App in Custom AOSP Roms of Poco F1 and get 960fps Super Slow Mo Working, Follow the below steps.
Credits - XDA
Port for Custom Pie ROMs
Instructions for Use - 
  1. Download the Magisk Zip from https://github.com/XEonAX/ANXMiuiCamera10/tree/master/out/ANXCameraMagisk.zip
  2. Install the Magisk Zip
  3. Grant All Permissions
  4. Grant Usage Access Permission.
    • Generally From Settings>Apps>Advanced>Special AppAccess>Usage Access>Camera>Allowed
  5. Start Using

Features Working -
  • 960fps Works
  • Photo Works
  • Square Works
  • Panorama Works
  • Manual Mode Works
  • Portrait Mode

Problems with this App - 
  • 120fps and 240fps (240fps works, video plays at normal speed, video has 240fps instead of 24fps, slow it down using video player. for e.g. MX Player allows to play at 25% speed)
  • Night Mode (works for some)
  • AI Mode (works for me)
  • Shutter Button doesn't work, UI is cut (enable Navbar, or Use Fluid N.G.)
  • 960FPS doesn't record in left Landscape, try right landscape
  • On some ROMs FingerPrint Will Launch Camera App. To disable this you will need to disable the FingerPrintShutter Fix Manually. You will need to edit the zip. Delete the "ANXCameraMagisk.zipsystemusr" directory from the zip. and Reflash.
    Ensure you delete the "usr" folder from the zip only, other wise deleting from system or somewhere else might cause bootloops.

Special Thanks to @abhishek987 on XDA for bringing this up to Beta Version
LogCat are required to help, Solutions will also be very much appreciated.
Source - https://www.xda-developers.com/miui-10-camera-port-xiaomi-poco-f1/
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