Redmi Note 7 India Launch Date

Xiaomi recently launched their new sub-brand "Redmi" and under its watch the first phone they launched is the "Redmi Note 7" with whopping 48MP Camera & Snapdragon 660 which starts only at 999Yuan in China or 10000Rs. in India.
But Sadly that launch mentions not a single thing about a global launch or Indian launch, but today I will tell you when Xiaomi will launch Redmi Note 7 in India.

BTW, If you want to know how Xiaomi fits 48MP Camera into Snapdragonn 660,
which supports only upto 25MP Camera, here is a video explaining that.

First of all, Redmi Note 5 & Redmi Note 5 Pro was lauched in India on 14th February 2018, which was a valentine's gift. So, many fans has been speculating if Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro would launch this february?

To answer this question we have to look at some potential facts.
1. Redmi Note 6 Pro was launched in November 22 in India, and if Xiaomi launches it Note 7 Pro in february, that will be only three months gap between two Redmi Note devices, which seems quite not possible. Because, it will affect Redmi Note 6 Pro Sales in a huge-huge quantity.

2. Redmi Note 6 Pro which starts at Rs, 12999, is costlier than Redmi Note 7 which only starts at 9999, So if Xiaomi launches Note 7 Pro, they will be forced to do one of these two things, either Set Note 6 Pro price lower than 9999 or atleast launch the Redmi Note 7 at price higher or equal to Note 6 Pro which is 12999. Both cases are seems unlikely.

3. Redmi Note 7 has an upgraded version in works already named as Redmi Note 7 Pro which has Sony 48MP Sensor instead of Samsung, and that will be costlier than Note 7 and also the processor will be Snapdragon 675 but this hasn't been confirmed yet, but Xiaomi might have planned to bring it to India first even before launching in China.

And looking at the facts with my Experience is telling me that Xiaomi won't bring Redmi Note 7 to India but only bring Redmi Note 7 Pro, here's why.
1. If Xiaomi brings Redmi Note 7 Pro to India, they won't have to worry for the declined sales of Redmi Note 6 Pro as both will have a different price group. Redmi Note 7 Pro might be priced somewhere between 15K-20K Segment. So, the sales of Redmi Note 6 Pro will continue.

2. They won't have to worry about pricing Redmi Note 7 lower than Note 6 Pro because they will only have to bring Redmi Note 7 Pro instead. and their fans will still be happy & content.

3. Last year, they launched Redmi Note 5 with Snapdragon 625 which was having same processor as Redmi Note 4. So they had to bring Note 5 Pro with Newer Snapdragon 636 Processor.
Now as they have launched Note 6 Pro with Same Snapdragon 636 Processor of Note 5 Pro, it makes sense Xiaomi would ditch Note 7 to bring Note 7 Pro. Yes Snapdragon 636 & 660 is not same processor, but do remember they both carry Kryo-260 cores which are almost same.

So all in all, I just want to say that Xiaomi might not be the fastest with launch in India, but this Valentine (February 14), You might get an all new Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro with Snapdragon 675 and 48MP Sony Sensor. and if this happens, Xiaomi might destroy all other competitors like Realme, Asus, etc..

BTW, Xiaomi is giving Android Pie update to Redmi Note 5 Pro.

I hope Xiaomi does this,

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