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Are you a student? Or want to work online in your free time and earn some real money. Then you are at right place and definitely you will get money from this android application. This application is created by few students of VIT, Vellore and this application is rocking the internet.
This application name is Squadrun and this application works simply, the co-founder collaborated with several big companies and those companies and those companies give their works in the form of missions and we are considered as players, we have to complete those missions and the Squadrun will pay them for completing those missions. And the companies will pay to the Squadrun application for the amount of work they provide.

But sometimes you need patience, because when you will get all the available missions completed then there will be missions because companies (clients) doesn’t need any requirement, but it happens rarely. I personally use this application and I have earned through this application.
So let’s begin how to start earning through this application.
1. Download Squadrun application- Download Squadrun
2.Afterstalling, open Squadrun, and click on Login through Facebook.

3. Enter your login credentials of Facebook, that means your username and password to enter the dashboard of Squadrun.

4. You will enter the dashboard and there you will see few missions to complete. And the first one you have to complete introduction mission, in which you have to share some details of your self, like age, gender, date of birth.

And then in that mission they will ask for a referral code then, enter 
            in place of referral code code.
5. Now complete that by submitting it. Your mission will be reviewed within 1 hour and you will be paid for that mission too.
6. Below are the images of the types of missions you will get.

These are the general missions we get from this application. Generally missions are of 100, 200,300,400,500, 1000 points etc , which is equal to Rs. 1,2,3,4,5,10. As per the requirement of the client. 

7. You can directly transfer your earnings to your PayTm wallet and it will be transferred within a second.

Below is the proof of my earning, I am showing the latest. I can’t show you all. Because there’s a lot.

You can download this application and enjoy the earning...
Note: Please don’t use several facebook accounts to use duplicate 
accounts of Squadrun, otherwise they will ban your previous account.

8. There are several calling missions in which you will call on the behalf big companies such as Myntra, Flipkart and more and confirm the order details from customers. These missions are the mission from which you can earn around Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 on about 1 hour .

If you get profit from this content please comment below and let us know how much you liked our thought.
And this application need some patience, be patience you will definitely earn money from this application.

Thank You for reading our article.

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  1. I have used the application and it is really a very good app to earn.

  2. Going to try now in 2020