Google’s Fast Share is a new file sharing tool for android

Google’s Fast Share is a new file sharing tool for android

    Previously google came up with a new file sharing platform with Google Files. Now it is came to know that Google is working on a new file-sharing tool. It is called Fast Share, it is part of nearby service in Google Play services, which seems not only an android beem’s replacement but also an Apple AirDrop competitor.

    It allows you to share with the nearby devices without internet much like Android Beem once did. This service uses bluetooth to initiate a handshake and then subsequently transfer files over a direct Wifi connection. It will allow for large files to be shared much more quickly. It even allows you to give your device preferred visibility to nearby devices, which lets those devices always see your device when you’re nearby, even if you are not using Fast Share.

User can send one or more files at a time by selecting files and selecting Fast Share option in the share sheet menu. Then, you can select the device you want to send which appears in the scanning menu. This currently shows share targets, including pixels mobiles, chromebook, iphone, and a smart watch. Let's hope it supports for Chrome OS devices, IOS, and Wear OS when it goes live.

It can now send and receive files from android devices with Google Play Services. It supports most of the present devices which has wifi direct support. Let’s how it fairs in the coming days, for now it seems a decent competitor for Apple AirDrop. ThankYou

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