Jonny Ive is no longer part of Apple - Finally decided to Leave

By the end of this year Jony Ive will no longer be an apple employee. The world’s most famous designer had been the center of Apple’s innovation from more than 20 years. His candy coloured iMac has helped to rescue Apple from the brink of bankruptcy in the late 1990’s, then the iPhone and iPod change our relationship with technology. 
Apple park studios
We focused on making the products more accessible and not intemediating , how we can make it so simple to use”
But now Jony is changing his relationship with apple, just don’t call it a breakup. When we spoke to Jony this week he said he will start his own venture and Apple will be his first client. He said that he hopes to stay very involved in apples product development for many many years to come but still his departure will mark a end of an era for apple.

To create something that is genuinely new you have to start again and I say with great intent you disconnect from the past”

Jony was Steve Jobs closest Ally in dreaming up of everything from breakthrough new products and to his new headquarters at Apple Park. The Incredible runoff Haste they had produced together is unmatched in Silicon Valley and beyond turning Apple at one point into the world’s most profitable and valuable company. 

But despite the continuous success of Apple after Steve Jobs death and the popularity of wearable devices like apple watch and airpods  in the last couple of years, Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company. Today it is Microsoft not Apple that is value more than 1 trillion dollars. As the investors felt sudden drop in iPhone sales and the impact of the US-China trade war. Jony insist that it’s none of that why he is leaving right now in fact I got a sentence from him that even of all the resources access disposal inside Apple he wanted to make his mark outside the tech industry. 

That expansion had already begin with his work on Apple Park. Where his design team has a studio designed to Foster greater collaborations. But it is perhaps telling that despite an expanded design drill  for Jeff Williams Apple’s chief operating officer and an experienced team of designers under him nobody else will be taking Johnny’s title of chief designer at Apple it seems Jony Ive is irreplaceable  even when he no longer works there.

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