Xiaomi India is reaching the highness and making competition very tough for the other companies. On it's every anniversary Xiaomi bought something different and interesting for their customers and customer's respond was also great towards Xiaomi.

"Mi Turns 5"

Xiaomi is leading the market and it's a tough job for Xiaomi to maintain their customers because expectations of customers from Xiaomi is high, and people are waiting for something incredible from the brand Xiaomi.
Again Xiaomi's 5th anniversary is about to hit the calendar and Xiaomi is back with some cool stuffs for their trusted customers as always.

Xiaomi India MD, Manu Jain announced on Twitter than their five cool gadgets are going to be launched on fifth anniversary and it will rock the market.
Manu Jain posted,”  " Mi Fans! Super excited: "@xiaomiindia is turning 5⃣"  This journey of becoming India's most loved tech. brand has been incredible ❤️❤️ #1 Smartphone, #1 Smart TV, #1 Powerbank & #1 Wearable brand. Calls for celebrations.  Check the video to know more.#MiTurns5  #Xiaomi"

•It is expected that Xiaomi will launch Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro in the next month which can be in the from of anniversary products of five of them. This device was expected to launch in India next month and it was recently launched in China, which throbbed the market and Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro runs on Android 9.0(Pie). A classy full HD+ display with 19.5:9 aspect ratio. It runs on Snapdragon 855 chipset. Both the phones have 48 MP main camera sensor with dual LED flash, a telephoto lens and 13 MP camera. The front camera has 20 MP sensor with f/2.2 aperture.

"Redmi K20 Pro"

•It is also expected that Redmi can launch it's Mi Band 4 in India on occasion of their fifth anniversary, which was launched few days ago in China and it totally cracked the market with 10 lacs pieces being shipped in just 8 days.

•There are many more products which Xiaomi is launching soon and it is expected that those were launched on their 5th anniversary.

  • Like, Xiaomi is going to launch a Mi Truck Builder which can be a perfect toy for your kid at your expected price, because Xiaomi doesn’t let their customer sad on price point. It can be seen in the image that Mi Truck can be disassembled into 500 parts and then kids have to join each and every part at their right position. It's looks somehow interesting. I haven’t seen such a big building toy. Not only that your kid can ride that truck with a Steering wheel control system.

  • Xiaomi is going to launch special LED lamps which are price efficient and  durable. Xiaomi is promising the battery life of 40 hrs of LED lamp which is definitely a better option for the students in village area, where power cut issues are being faced. There is three level brightness system which enhaces the using experience.

  • It's not the end Xiaomi is going to present an On Ear headphone and neckband headphones which can be either Bluetooth wireless headphones or it can be wired headphones. Neckband headphones are flexible, light weight and you don’t have to worry about the cost. Xiaomi always excite their customers with a decent price point of their every gadgets.

"Mi Beard Trimmer"

  • Recently, Xiaomi also launched their beard Trimmer in India, and the trimmer has 40 length setting which can help you in styling your beard in your own way. It was like celebration of fifth anniversary was started in India with a Beard Trimmer as a gadget of first Xiaomi gadget for their anniversary treat to their customers.

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  • Do you have any guesses that there can be any other gadgets in the Launch of 5th Anniversary of Xiaomi India???

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