Google Maps rolls out 'Stay Safer' feature in India

Google Maps rolls out 'Stay Safer' feature in India

Google Maps introduced on Wednesday, “Stay Safer" feature in India. This feature essentially looks to safeguard people while travelling through public transport. This feature will alert and notify users travelling in taxis, auto rickshaws when their vehicles go off-route.

How to use 'Stay Safer' feature on Google Maps
Once you're on the latest version of Google Maps for android, search for a destination and tap on 'Get directions'. A new button named 'Stay Safer' should show up at the bottom of your screen. Tapping on the 'Stay Safer' brings two new options called,'Get off-route alerts' and 'share live trip'.

Get off-route alerts - The phone will buzz with a notification if the driver deviates more than 0.5 km from the Google Maps suggested route.

Share live trip - Users can choose to share their real time location with friends and family directly from that screen so they know and can keep track of your journey as well. You can share your location via apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps. For now these features are available only for Android, there is no word on when this feature with rollout for iOS users.

Google has launched quite a few features in the month of May and June, like
- Showing your speed while driving.
- Displaying popular dishes from restaurants.
- Speed camera alerts.
- Route previews.
- Showing crowd sourced menus for eating establishments.

Google Maps now shows your speed while driving. You can now see your current speed (orange colour) along with the postal speed limit on the road.

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