The iPhone, it's name is enough to make everyone greedy to purchase this phone. This brand brings many new things for their customers which is most probably a stable and sustainable for the environment. I told people becomes greedy because it's pricing is high as compared to other smartphones brand but it's little bit high than Samsung.

There are several models of this smartphone available in the market but would you know Which is the first iPhone in the market? Which glass it uses for it's screen?  it have a selfie camera? And what is it's cost at that time and it's cost in today's date?

Everything you would know about it in this article just step in with me and read the whole article to know amazing facts about the first iPhone from Apple.

  • Which is first iPhone and when it was launched?

The very first iPhone was named as just "iPhone", it was later called a iPhone 2G because it's successor of 3G variant was launched. This iPhone 2G was introduced by former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs on 09th January 2007 and then it was released on 29th June 2007, we have just crossed it's 12th anniversary which is a huge time span. It's model number was A1203. And it's manufacturing and selling was discontinued from 15th July 2008, approximately one year Apple's first iPhone was sold and around 6.1 million units were sold in such a short time. This is a huge number, and it was a hint from the users to the Apple Inc. that they liked their product and want more iPhones in future. You can see that now iPhone is ruling the smartphone market, people doesn't care about price because the quality of the phone is decent with an amazing performance.

  • Which Glass was used as First iPhone's screen?

You will be shocked to know that the first iPhone is the first phone to have Gorilla Glass from Corning and it has a screen size of 3.5 inch. And, Steve Jobs said that," The iPhone has 3.5 inch screen which is huge", but he also mentioned a tag line that it was a beginning and you can see the evolution of iPhone in this world.

  • Basic Specifications of First iPhone.

I have mentioned below some of the very basic Specifications of first iPhone just for knowledge, the main motive of this article is to let you know that how does the first iPhone looks like and what is it's cost then and now, does it have any special qualities?
Yes, but 12 years ago, there were many things new in this phone. Like it has multi-touchscreen, which is not seen in any of the smartphone before iPhone.

  1. Original OS: iPhone OS 1
  2. Storage:4, 8, or 16 GB flash memory
  3. 1400 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  4. Multi-touchscreen display
  5. 3-axis accelerometer
  6. 3.5-inch screen (diagonally)
  7. Rear camera 2.0 MP 
  8. Single loudspeaker

  • Does First iPhone have a Selfie Camera?

Smile Please! Let the first iPhone capture your selfie.
Oops! What happened?
The first iPhone doesn't have a selfie camera. Yes, you read it correct, the first iPhone 2G doesn't have a selfie camera. It is very hard to accept that such a popular brand has also started with no selfie camera and now iPhone is famous for it's selfie cameras, because it captures very high quality images but the size of the image file is very small.

  • How much does the first iPhone cost in 2007 and what is it's cost in 2019?

You will be surprised by reading the price of the first iPhone which even don't have a selfie camera. Can you guess the launch price of first iPhone, No, it was not $100, it was also not $200, it was also not $300, it was $499 for 4GB internal storage variant and 128 GB of RAM was common for all variant. I am not giving a price in Indian Rupees because it was not launched in any other country, it was specially launched only in US, yes it was also not launched in India.
Can you predict the today's date price of first iPhone in first hand condition, what do you think it would be higher than the launch price or lower?
Even I am not able to guess it right. If you guessed it's today's price would be higher than launch price then you guessed ot right because now it became rare phones on this earth, there are only few pieces left of first hand first iPhone and it is not available on Amazon. It was available on Ebay at such an incredible price of around $18,000. You can check the screenshot for proof. We don't have such amount to purchase it, right!

I don't think that you can use first iPhone as your personal smartphone for daily life, because it is very complicated to use this phone, as it doesn't have most of the features which are commonly used in our daily life. Yes, but I would say that this phone enables you to browse the internet with greater interface, and it is such a big deal 12 years ago.

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