RAEGR launches Arc 1200 2-in-1 [10W+10W] Adjustable Height/Angles Wireless Charger Stand

 Bengaluru-based homegrown consumer lifestyle technology brand RAEGR officially announces the launch of RAEGR Arc 1200, an Ergonomic 2-in-1 [10W+10W] Adjustable Height and Angles Wireless Charger Stand for Qi-compatible smartphones, AirPods and wearables. This revolutionary product is highly aimed for those who work tirelessly at a desk. Whether you work at an office or work from home, the RAEGR Arc 1200 will help you comfortably attend to video calls /watching videos while simultaneously charging your smartphones or AirPods. The ergonomic height and angle adjustments can greatly help reduce stress to your neck and back while usage.


Commenting on the new revolutionary product launch, Ajesh George, MD, RAEGR said, “Arc 1200’s  metal telescopic arm helps in adjusting the height /angles and helps greatly during video calls or watching videos by improving your viewing position.The fact that it can simultaneously charge two devices is a plus. ”


The RAEGR Arc 1200 is a unique wireless charging stand with telescopic extension for work desks or bedside tables. It combines the features of simultaneously charging two compatible smartphones or a smartphone-earbuds combo.  You can rest your smartphone in both vertical and horizontal positions and at various angles and heights so that you can conveniently view media or make video calls. Now you can rest back and enjoy the show or get on with those long video conversations without tiring your hands and neck. Though it cannot charge , but it can even hold a regular iPad and mini as a stand for video usage .


The RAEGR Arc 1200 is a 2-in-1 product and features 3 coils to wirelessly charge up to two Qi-compatible smartphones and accessories. The stand comprises of two areas – a smartphone stand and a resting base, joined by a single extendable and foldable arm. The arm can stretch a few inches longer and tilt by 90°, while the smartphone stand can stretch (3.2cm) and tilt (90°) to accommodate various smartphones of different sizes. Once folded, it returns to a compact size with a footprint less than your mobile device, for easy portability .


The RAEGR Arc 1200 has dual 10W coils built into smartphone stand that allows you charge the smartphone in vertical or horizontal orientations. The resting base has a single 10W wireless charging coil that can wirelessly charge Qi-compatible smartphones or accessories such as AirPods or Galaxy Buds when placed on it. All you need is a USB Type-A or Type-C wall adapter (15- 20W) for the RAEGR Arc 1200 charging stand depending on single or two devices to start the usage. Included in the packaging are USB Type-A to C and USB Type-C to C cables.  It features four types of automatic charging modes -- 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W for a wide range of compatible devices such as earbuds, speakers, wearables and smartphones.


The RAEGR Arc 1200 is made of solid ABS plastic with an internal metal frame to make it strong and sturdy. The resting base also has in-built weight plates and anti-slip silicone grips on the bottom to help it stay firm and sturdy on the desk. The Arc 1200 is foldable, and folds to a size smaller than a conventional smartphone, making it highly portable to carry along in your purse or backpack.

Lastly, the RAEGR Arc 1200 10W Wireless Charging Stand has multiple protections too. It comes with over-voltage, over current, short circuit and over-temperature protection as well as foreign object detection. An LED Indicator shows on the base shows the charging and standby status.

The RAEGR Arc 1200 Ergonomic Wireless Charging Stand comes in Black colour and is available for an exclusive price of Rs 2,499 on Amazon India and Flipkart. It carries an industry-leading warranty of 1 Year + Extra 6 months on registration/activation.

About RAEGR:

RAEGR is a consumer tech accessory brand that offers a wide range of lifestyle and tech products. The product catalogue includes Wireless Chargers, Bluetooth Audio such as Speakers, Headphones and Earphones, Smartphone Cases and Mobile Accessories. RAEGR Wireless Chargers have been ranked the best in their category on Amazon India. The brand introduces innovative and high-quality products based on customers' needs while maintaining excellent value and satisfying customer experience. The brand is owned by Georgian Enterprises, Bangalore.


Experience their products at www.raegr.comAmazon India, and Flipkart.

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