Fwd: iGear launches ‘Desklite+’ – a Unique Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp with Clock and Calendar

 Indian Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories brand iGear launches a unique next-generation desk lamp Desklite+. This touch-enabled 5-Watt desk lamp features rechargeable dimmable eye-protection LEDs combined with a fully-functional LCD clock for night and day use.

Speaking on the new product announcement, iGear Co-Founder Neha Sharma said, “iGear has always aimed at empowering its users with high-quality products within affordable prices and the elegant leatherite-textured rechargeable desk lamp Desklite+ is a perfect example. Complete with dimmable LEDs that protect your eyes in the pitch dark and featuring a built-in LCD digital alarm clock with calendar, this unique desk lamp is especially aimed for students, and also for anyone who works late into the night.”

The iGear Desklite+ is very unique and feature-rich. Unlike conventional night lamps that need to be directly powered from a power socket, the Desklite+ uses a built-in rechargeable 2000mAh battery allowing you to place it anywhere, irrespective of an available direct power source, or during power cuts. Charging the lamp is simple – all you need is the bundled standard micro USB cable and a conventional smartphone charger. On a full charge, the Desklite+ offers up to 6 hours of continuous with the brightness set to approximately 80%.

The iGear Desklite+ features a foldable design with the upper arm housing the 5-Watt LED array and the body/pillar supporting a large and highly readable LCD clock. The folding design helps with easy direction of light according to your comfort apart from offering high portability to carry it around anywhere. The LEDs are designed to emit soft and anti-dazzle lights so that it reduces strain on the eyes while reading, studying or working. A touch switch on the base allows dimming the lights and adjusting the illumination according to your requirements by tapping it once or multiple times respectively.

The Desklite+ is also equipped with a fully functional digital LCD clock, which displays the time, day, date, calendar, alarm, while a second smaller LCD highlights the real-time temperature of your room. You can also use the Desklite+ as a table clock during the day. Lastly, the desk lamp is designed keeping aesthetics in mind to help it blend with your table and room décor. Built with a strong frame and a black Leatherlite premium exterior finish, the iGear Desklite+ looks extremely elegant be it for your office desk, or living room or study.

The iGear Desklite+ is available for an exclusive limited period offer of just Rs 2,350 on Amazon.in and Flipkart.com, and carries a standard industry warranty of 1 year.

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