Overseas brand ‘KBEAR’ and ‘TRI’ debut on The Audio Store with 5 new Hi-Fi IEMs for Audiophiles

 Well-known amongst audio enthusiasts, overseas brand KBEAR (KB EAR) has officially stepped into India by launching 5 new audiophile-grade IEMs, including one from its sub-brand ‘TRI’. The five new IEMs – KBEAR KS2, Lark, Believe, Diamond and TRI Starsea will be exclusively available on The Audio Store. The IEMs sport unique, yet comfortable designs, with modular cables, all made using high-grade materials housing professionally-tuned drivers for a superior audio delivery.


The KBEAR Believe uses Japanese-imported pure beryllium diaphragms. These are lighter, more rigid, and feature a superior performance over common diaphragms such as titanium crystal, nanometer, polymer, and others. The 9mm drivers use N52 neodymium iron boron strong magnets with up to 92.8% increased magnetic flux that helps for a stronger dynamic response, better transient performance, and easier driving. The diaphragms require extremely high front and rear chamber pressures and Believe uses precisely calculated and adjusted balanced pressure chambers ensuring natural and flexible audio without any distortion.

The KBEAR Believe is carefully crafted using an aerospace-grade high-strength aluminium alloy chamber to effectively suppress resonance, enhance sound cohesion. The resin-coated shell uses volcanic ash carbon fibre with rich texture and layering makes these IEMs shine with richness. Lastly, the IEM is equipped with four strands of 40-core 6N Furukawa single crystal copper Litz structure detachable 2-pin cable (without Mic) with a Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack to effectively improve the sound purity for a comprehensive improvement.

The KBEAR Believe IEM is available in Black with Blue colour with 2 pairs of foam ear tips, 6 pairs of silicone ear tips and leather carry case, and priced at Rs 17,990 with a standard Industry Warranty of 1 year.


The KBEAR Diamond professional IEM uses an innovative high-speed DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated 9mm dynamic driver inside a premium AL alloy housing with a carbon fibre faceplate. DLC is highly appreciated in the earphone industry due to its features such as high hardness, high elastic modulus, low friction factor, wear resistance and good vacuum friction characteristics. These drivers are special and achieve excellent fidelity, frequency characteristics and low distortion featuring high speed, organic tone, and an exquisite resolution. Complimenting the DLC drivers are its detachable 1.2-metre (2-pin, 0.75mm, 5N) 8-core silver plated high-quality soft and supple curl-free cable (without Mic) offering low impedance braided.

The KBEAR Diamond IEM is available with 2 pairs of foam ear tips, 6 pairs of silicone ear tips and a carry case, and priced at Rs 9,490 with a standard Industry Warranty of 1 year.

KBEAR Lark Dual Driver (1BA+1DD) IEM with Mic

The KBEAR Lark Dual features a customised 30095 Balanced Armature (BA) and 10mm dynamic driver (DA) for rich details and excellent bass delivery. The Lark sports a superior and balanced sound signature with solid deep bass, clear mid-range and beautiful high frequencies. The shell is made using a high-quality Zinc alloy with an imported resin, and an Aluminum alloy vocal cavity. This unique combination of different materials and the wide range of colour options display a modern and eye-catching, fashionable earphones. Featuring a highly ergonomic design, the KBEAR Lark has a snug fit that can isolate up to 26db of ambient noise. And the KBEAR Lark has an upgraded cable with a slot protection design to effectively protect the pins and avoid breakage, thus extending its service life. The 1.2-metre 4-core silver-plated cable (with Mic) features a 3.5mm L-type Gold-plated audio ensuring superior connectivity with zero compromises to audio performance. 

The KBEAR Lark IEM is available in Gray colour with 3 pairs of silicone ear tips and a carry case, and priced at Rs 3,990 with a standard Industry Warranty of 1 year.

KBEAR KS2 Dual Driver (1DD+1BA) IEM with Mic

Using a single Balanced Armature (BA) and 10mm Composite Diaphragm (PU+biological diaphragm) Dynamic Driver (DD), the KBEAR KS2 manages to deliver a powerful low-frequency response and transparent and mellow midrange performance creating a wide sound field and shocking sound quality. This BA-DD combination using electronic frequency division processing gives full play to its performance to achieve an accurate and delicate performance. Specially customised moving iron units effectively help to improve the vocal resolution and the mid-frequency density is perfectly balanced for a mellow sound. Additionally, the high-frequency is very transparent and smooth, thus delivering richer instrument details.

Using an imported high-density PC material for its internal shell, the KBEAR KS2 suppresses and diffuses the reflection of sound waves so that the overall sound is more warm and charming. The exterior is crafted using a translucent resin material for added beauty. Lastly, the 2-pin 4-strand (0.78mm, 6N OFC) high-quality cable (with Mic, L-curve Gold-plated 3.5mm jack) not only adds to the audio quality but also helps reduce signal transmission loss.

The KBEAR KS2 Dual Driver (1DD+1BA) IEM with Mic is available in Black colour with 2 pairs of silicone ear tips and priced at Rs 3,990 with a standard Industry Warranty of 1 year.

TRI Starsea Triple Driver (1DD+2BA) IEM

The Audio Store also debuts TRI – a sub-brand by KBEAR with the introduction of the Starsea IEM. The TRI Starsea features four customised tuning modes that utilises its entire electronic frequency division technology equipped with a tuning switch. This design allows you to realise different sound needs by simply changing the tuning modes – bass, vocals, pure tone and balanced tuning. TRI has independently developed the ‘TRI-HI-A’ – an extremely high-frequency composite silicon crystal BA driver that combines Knowles ED-29689 to present a wide extension range. The twin BA and 8mm DD driver combo along with an independent sound tube and an electronic frequency divider achieve smooth and natural sound expression and richer and clearer sound quality.

The TRI Starsea earphone shell is made using a skin-friendly German-imported resin, designed to be gentle and comfortable with your skin. The acoustic structure is elaborately designed to effectively reduce unnecessary sound reflections and better adjust the air pressure balance of the front and rear cavities. And lastly, a 0.78mm 2-pin detachable (8-strand, Silver-plated, without Mic) cable helps with high-quality audio signal transfers apart from offering future upgradability.

The TRI Starsea Triple Driver (1DD+2BA) IEM is available with 2 pairs of foam ear tips, 8 pairs of silicone ear tips and a carry case, and priced at Rs 12,990 with a standard Industry Warranty of 1 year.

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