Best Tools to Reduce File Size using without Messing up the Quality

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In this world of technology, Smartphones are giving competition to external cameras in a very easy way. We get higher megapixels image shooting options like 48MP, 64MP and even larger like 108MP. We do get the option to shoot videos at 4K resolution and even upto 8K resolution in some smartphones.

This sounds very good and interesting, but when we capture using these options they do
consume a lot of storage. In today's world smartphone images are around 10MB-100MB for one and high-quality videos, they quickly eat up all the storage no matter how many GB you have.

Also, they take more time to get transferred in other device or storage. it's over the storage.
We do get very optimal results but storing these things is an even greater problem. Some people don't have an external storage to carry on all the time, they use internal storage only. To get some usable storage they do have to delete their memories sometimes.

You can use cloud storage to store these files with the same resolution and quality, but this
requires premium membership or if we get it for free, they completely mess up the quality. And some people don't suggest cloud storage.

In PCs, it is possible to reduce file size without messing up with quality. But PCs are not
convenient for everyone.
So, In this post we'll discuss how to reduce file size without messing up with quality and with
optimal results in your smartphone.
The Best Method to Reduce file size without messing with quality is Compressing the file.
What is Compression and how it works without messing with quality?

Compression is the process of reducing file size by converting numbers of bits and bytes
needed to represent data. Compressing it removes useless data in file, while not playing up with

There are a number of Video and Photo Compression apps available in the Play Store. But here
we are listing the best and free compression apps.

1) Video to MP3 converter and compressor- VidCompact
VidCompact is a free application to compress the video files in your smartphone.
However, there are some premium offers which aren't compulsory to purchase. But you
can access most of the in app feature of free. The application has over 10Million

downloads on Play Store and 4.5 rating. There are many options like Trim & Compress,
Batch Compression and MP3 Compression with many options to customize format,
Bitrate, Sampling rate and more. You can compress files with upto 90% smaller file size.

2) Video Compressor Panda: Compress and Resize Video.
With more than 1 Million download and rating of 4.7 in Play Store. This is simple and
easy to use application to compress your video files. We also get various compression
options like Small file size with acceptable resolution, Medium Compression and
Compression without losing quality of files. You can also compare the compressed and
original video in app.

3) Video Compressor- Video Converter
This app is developed by Indian developers namely Technozer Solution. This app has
more than 100k downloads and 4.7 rating on Play Store. You can compress all of your
video files in any format using this app. You can compress multiple videos at same time
in your smartphone. The main highlight of this app is, no quality sacrifices and no dual
audio track losing. This app is available and requires just 19MB of your data to get
downloaded on your device.

4) Video Compressor- Fast Compress Video and Photo.
This application has more than 5 Million+ download on Play Store and 4.5 user rating.
The application consumes only 5MB of your data to get downloaded in your smartphone.
The most interesting feature of this app is you can compress both Image and video files
in one tap in this app with the option to change resolution, quality, fast forward the video
and much more. This app does work on both image and video compression.

5) Image Compressor Lite
This is a very simple application to compress your images on the go. The app has 4.3
rating and over 5k+ download on Play Store. You just have to select the Image, size on
want in Kb and Mbs and proceed. An app will give you the compressed image with no
quality loss.

6) Puma Image Compressor and Image resizer.
With 500k+ downloads on Play Store and 4.7 user rating. This app allows you to
compress your images in bulk with three compression modes namely:- Resolution and
Quality, Smaller and customised file size option. You can compare the compressed
image with the original one and save them or delete them directly after compressing in
the app.

7) Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram is a notable image compressor app with 100k+ download on Play Store and 4.2
user rating that can shrink photos of your phone by up to 60% without affecting the
actual dimensions, resolution, or quality of the photo. Just launch the app and select
photos you want to compress. The app compresses photos and replaces the original
photos. It also gives you an option to delete the original file automatically or manually

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