Boult Audio launches ‘AirBass XPods’ with Best-in-Class 13mm Drivers and 20-Hours Battery Life

 Boult Audio, a premium audio brand known for its innovative designs and superior audio quality, launches its latest TWS offering, the ‘AirBass XPods.’ The new TWS earbuds sport a unique design to offer the best performance with deep bass and long battery life to ensure a week without charging.

The Boult Audio AirBass XPods is the latest TWS earbuds that are built especially for those seeking the best in performance and quality at an affordable price point. The earbuds are defined with premium looks and a smooth finish using a dual-tone matte and glossy combo exterior. Each bud is designed with a unique oval shape offering a snug fit into the ear canal for extra comfort, additional noise isolation and superb audio performance.

The Boult Audio AirBass XPods sport large full-range 13mm best-in-class drivers that deliver Deep Bass and crisp highs so users can enjoy their music and movies without any loss of audio quality even at high volumes. The earbuds have a long stem with powerful and highly sensitive microphones that ensure the best audio quality during voice and video chats. The stems also feature touch controls for a very easy-to-use experience. Answer or reject calls, adjust the volume, control your music tracks or simply talk to your phone’s voice assistant using a simple touch or tap.

The Boult Audio AirBass XPods are designed using the best-in-class and latest Bluetooth v5.1 chip that offers faster pairing and seamless connectivity even at longer distances of up to 10 meters. No more lags, glitches or transmission losses so you can enjoy uninterrupted music and error-free calls without any worries. Lastly, in order to protect the internal components from damage from water or dust, the AirBass XPods are designed with an IPX5 body. So you can freely wear your XPods during those sweaty workouts or rainy outdoor runs without any worry.

The Boult AirBass XPods have a large built-in battery that can run for 5 hours on a single charge. Adding to the long run is the XPod’s carry case with a built-in rechargeable battery which can recharge the buds thrice to give you a total battery life of up to 20 hours. The case also features the latest USB Type-C charging port which allows for faster charging. Now heading out for those long trips won’t need you to worry about topping up your earbuds. Travel around for almost a week without having to recharge your XPods.

The Boult Audio AirBass XPods TWS Earbuds will be featured in Black &

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