PhotoMarket launches mini wireless microphone FM40 in India at INR 8,999 for Content Creators

 New Delhi, 20 September 2021: PhotoMarket has launched FeiDu FM40 powered by, a true diversity mini wireless microphone for DSLRs and Smartphones that is now available in India at INR 8,999. The microphone enables noise-free, crystal-clear, and uncolored audio which makes it apt for all sorts of activities including newsgathering, anchoring, live, high-quality products, etc., within an affordable price bracket. FM40 is an upgraded version of FM50 and FM60 available in the market. 


The new FM40 powered by is one size fit for all products which is a perfect accompaniment for amateurs, vloggers, filmmakers, and even works best for live streaming. It is an ultra-compact wireless microphone system that is incredibly smaller in size and with an innovative clip-in, thus making it a perfect portable choice. The microphone features an in-built omnidirectional condenser capsule and can be used as a clip-on mic or with a lavaliere, sending high-quality audio with true diversity digital transmission to the on-camera or smartphone receiver.

“The brand believes in providing quality for an affordable price. FM40 is another product in line with the same idea, to equip the audiences with the best, maintaining the convenience standards. The product lives up to the expectations in terms of aesthetics, quality, price, and durability. We are launching this product following the overwhelming response we received on the predecessors,” said Mayank Chachra, Founder, PhotoMarket


The product has set a clear upper hand compared to the most wireless microphones available in the market. 

-  It is equipped with two antennas on the receiver for signals. The signals received by the antennas are compared and the stronger one is automatically selected for output. Thus, eliminating any signal dropouts.  

-  It offers 57 channels for selection to avoid noise and frequency interference

-  It can easily deliver a long workable Transmission distance of 80M/265ft.

-  The microphone runs for over 4 hours on a single full charge and it takes around 45 minutes to charge from zero to full. 

-  The product is 4 cm in size and 38 g in feather light body, thus easy to carry 

-In terms of design, its unique half-hidden antenna design, makes it easy to wear on a shoot.


The product is available on PhotoMarket platform (  and all leading cameras and CE Stores in India. 

It will soon be available on leading e-commerce websites like AMAZON, FLIPKART. The FM40 comes with 1 Year Parts Replacement Warranty

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