Best Selfie Stick You Can buy Right Now | With LED Light & Tripod Support

Selfie Stick With LED Light
Yes you heard it right, A Selfie Stick that suits all your needs, Whether You want a Mini Tripod, or You want a LED light for Filling up your Nights with Vlogs. This Selfie Stick has got you covered with everything it provides.
I mean seriously, i have never seen such a versatile selfie stick, and also it comes with a very reasonable price.
I am talking about Blitzwolf BW-BS8 Selfie Stick. If you would ask me Which Brand has got the most versatility in its lineup, yes its Blitzwolf and the BS8 Selfie Stick is no Exception.

For Full Review, Watch this Video.

Lets Unbox it First -

The Box Pack is Simple White & Small, and Inside the Box We Find.
1. Selfie Stick
2. Camera Mount
3. USB Cable for Charging
4. User Manual &
5. A Blitzwolf Logo

Now Lets Talk About The Selfie Stick.

Quality - 
The Moment you hold the Selfie Stick You will feel How Light Weight it is, its So Light that you can hold it in your hand for Hours without pain, So rest it depends on how heavy your phone is.

But being Light Weight doesn't mean it's of bad quality, Nope, Seriously the Quality is great. The hand grip and the mobile holder is made with Plastic and the Selfie Rod & Tripod Leg is made with Aluminium making it a Sturdy material to use.

The Mobile Holder has got a LED Light with a Switch on Top, and it can hold Phones upto 6.4inches perfectly, Also the holder itself is a 360 degree rotatable, So you can use it in Both Portrait and Landscape Mode.

The Selfie Stick has got a Bluetooth Button which can be turned on to connect your phone with the selfie stick and then you can click pictures or Videos using that button. Also You Can take out that button by sliding it.

Not Only this, on the bottom there is a Mount Screw Hole from where you can Mount your Selfie Stick on Your Tripod Easily, also if You remove the top mobile holder, You can use the Camera Holder to Mount your Cameras or DSLRs on Your Selfie Stick (But Remember its made for Smartphones so Don't Mount too heavy DSLR's).

So, Overall the Quality of Selfie stick is Awesome. In Hindi We say "Laajawab Quality hai".

Functionality - 
1. Hold Any Phone Between 3.5 to 6.4 inches

2. Hold that Phone in Both Portrait & Landscape Mode

3. No Need to take out your Phone then rotate the head, No. You can directly rotate the head without taking out the phone.

4. Tripod Legs are Wide, making it sturdy in standing straight up on the ground. No worries of falling.

5. Selfie Flash Light on Mount is Awesome, Double Press Switch to Turn on Light, then Single tap to increase Brightness, then again single tap to increase brightness more, then again single tap to turn off light.

5. Press and Hold the Switch to turn on Strobe light, which makes LED flash faster like Disco Dance Style, then again single tap to Make Strobe Light Slower.

6. LED Flash Quality is great in Highest Battery, Better than your Smartphone Flash or Front Flash. Battery Lasts upto 2 Hours and can be charged in 2 hours.

7. Bluetooth Switch is Good for taking Pictures or Videos, Just connect it with smartphone then open Camera and single tap to Click Selfie or Press and Hold Switch for taking Videos. Note: On Some smartphones it might not Support so you may need a third party camera software.

8. Selfie Stick is Longer than previous sticks and it Enough for All Your Needs or taking your Whole Body when hands are stretched.

9. When You Fold Selfie Stick it gets Small Enough to Carry it easily, Its not the biggest, not the Smallest Selfie Stick, Making it Perfect for using on the Go.

10. You can do Some Extra Stuffs like Keeping your phone tilted on the surface with Selfie Stick Just like the pictures given below.

Pricing & Verdict -
The Blitzwolf BW-BS8 Selfie Stick is not available in Indian Website, and you have to buy it from Banggood. Best thing is Banggod is now got official .in website so you can visit to buy and it also accepts PayTM or Paypal as Payments option. 

Buy Link -
USE COUPON CODE - 18BS8 to get 18% Off

The Price is around 18$ or Rs. 1600/-
and including Shipping Costs total price may reach 20$ or Rs. 1700/-
Apply COUPON CODE - 18BS8 to get 18% Off
So Final Price Will be around 15$ or Rs.1370

And in that Price range, I Would say it might seem like a Costlier Product, but believe me its really a Great Selfie Stick and You Should Buy it if You are a Vlogger, Youtuber, or a Tech Lover like me.

But If you are not Interested in a Selfie Stick with LED Light, I would recommend you to go for a normal version much cheaper but with same quality.
Buy Link for Cheaper Version -
Coupon Code - 15BWBS3 to get 15% Off.

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  1. How much fit(inch) dose it extends & compare the height with mi Bluetooth selfie stick.
    As mi is 1.5 fit like of that how much fit ....???