5 Port USB Charger With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Support | Blitzwolf BW-S7

Everyone needs a Charger, But Tech Enthusiast like me Needs Four or Five Chargers to keep my Stuffs Charged Everytime I want to use them.
But having So Many Chargers doesn't solves the problem, but it increases it. Yes, If you have 4 or 5 Chargers,

1. You need 4 or 5 Sockets to put them in.
2. Then you need to have all the switches on (And I forget a Lot).
3. You need different places to keep them just because your charging sockets are in different rooms.
4. It is Much harder to keep track of every device when they are being charged separately.

So, Thats why, We need a Single Charger that could charge all our devices at Same Place, Same time without breaking the bucks.

Thats where Blitzwolf BW-S7 Comes in, Its a Multi Charger with 5 Port USB Support, and its really great.

It has many features like -
1. 5 USB Ports to Charge all devices at the same time.

2. 4 Ports are 2 Ampere, While 1 Port is Quick Charge 3.0 Certified So You can Easily Charge your Fast Chargeable Devices.

3. If all the 5 devices plugged at same time, QC 3.0 delivers same high output, and the remaining 4 ports delivers at an average of 1.6Amperes, which is really great.

4. Not only Smartphones, You can also charge your Gadgets, or low power devices like Smart Bands or Smart Watches, its smart that it automatically recognises the device and give you the best suitable output.

5. BW-S7 is Small Enough to Carry on the Go, Whether you are travelling or just keeping in Your Home, it Saves Space & Sockets.

6. Wire is long enough to keep it anywhere, so charge your devices from long distances.

7.Build Quality is Great

Cons -
Yes there are little cons to it like:

1. USB Cable is not given in the Box, So You have to buy it Separately or if you have 4-5 Cables then you are good to go.

2. No LED Indicator on the Charger

Yes, these are just two Cons but the Pros are High.

Price & Verdict - 
The Blitzwolf BW-S7 is an Awesome Gadget and a Must have to keep our devices charged and ready. Yes, Buying USB cables might makes it a little expensive but still at the price it sells is Amazing. Must have it.

Price - 20$ or 1400Rs.
Buy Link - https://ban.ggood.vip/93qr
Coupon Code - s7bw18 - (18% Off)
CES 2019 SALE - https://bit.ly/2MgN5aO

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