Miui 10 Beta 9.1.18 Update on Poco F1, Now Record Internal Sounds in Screen Recorder

 If you guys remember, Last friday Miui 10 Beta Update was suspended for many devices includin Xiaomi Poco F1, But today after 6 days, its being rolled out for Beta users.
The Update Size was 512MB, Which is Huge, But not many features are included in these updates.
Here are some basic things from this Update.

1. Screen Recorder now supports recording internal sounds of the phone, Just open Screen Recorder, Go to Settings, and Choose Audio Source as Internal Sounds.
For this feature we waited so long, but now finally our wait is over.

2. On the app vault on homescreen, Now you will see an Amazon app icon, so yeah its been implemented.

3. On the lockscreen, Now if you swipe to the right, You will See Videos being played in Magazines, So its safe to Assume that Video Ads are implemented on Lockscreen. Ohh...

4. In this update, there is one major problem, Downloading anything won't show up in status bar.
I tried downloading files, downloaded apps from playstore, but no, download status never showes in notification bar / panel or status bar. Its a bug, Xiaomi need to fix it ASAP.
But it does not affect downloading, Your files gets downloaded.

5. On the Audio Recorder, You can now set to Voice Mode, Music Mode or Interview Mode.

 6. On the browser, Search Engine is now Limited to Google Only, (Yahoo and Bing are removed)

 7. If you play any music from Music Player, Clearing Recents will Stop Music Too.. So you need to lock music in recents. Uff

8. While the Update was Huge, Not many things are Added, everything is still the same.

Android Security Patch Level - December 2018
Android Version - 9 Pie
Api Level - 28
Widevine - L3
Video Recording - 4K 30FPS, 1080P 60FPS, or Slow Mo at 120/240/960 FPS

So yeah, not much here though.

I hope you like this article and share it with everyone.
Thank You..

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  1. The download status issue and the music player issue is always there with beta rom on poco .

  2. Shahrukh Bhai theme ka name..Aur blogger pe Hai kya ?

  3. When will this uodate be available for normal users?