Best Lighting Setup for Youtubers Totally Free - Part 1

If you are a Youtuber or if you are creating videos which consists of Situations where you had to create inside your room, You may not get the best lighting just from your regular Bulb or Mercury.

Even if your room is bright for your eyes, it may not be much brighter for taking Photos or Videos. Because believe me Cameras or DSLRs Need much more lighting  than we do.

If you are not getting Quality Videos Even from Your Expensive Camera, That camera might not be at fault because Lighting is so much responsible and a sensible lighting can make low cameras perform better.

But, Finding or Getting a Perfect lighting is always not easy. You might get Confused between What to Choose and What to Avoid, because there are so much type of lighting systems availaible like, Soft Boxes, Umbrellas, Reflective Umbrellas, Ring lights, Halogens, LEDs, Flourescent, And you might get frustrated.

But Cool Down, I will clearly mention you what should You Choose to clear every misconception. If you are a beginner at videography start with something cheaper, or atleast something which is totally free.

Yes I am talking About Energy Light, Ohh Not that Solar which requires you to buy, nope. I am talking about the Sun, Sun is the best lighting you could get for your videos, and if your rooms window recieves enough sunlight, You can use it to generate the best lighting for free.

1. If Sunlight coming from your Window, You can go there to Shoot, and keep your self in a direction where Sunlight falls directly to your face. But hey its not practical right?

2. Then You can Bend, move, reflect light to the place where you shoot Videos, Yes you can do that. You can Play with Sunlight.

Sunlights or Any Light, always bends or reflects when comes in contact with reflective surfaces like Glass, Aluminiums, steel, mirrors, etc.

So What you can do is simply stick some aluminium foil  on a cardboard, and use it to reflect  the light at your place. Great idea? isn't it.

Even if you are sitting in the opposite direction of sunlight hitting the surface, still you can bend the light towards yourself and get great lightning. Refer to this image.

But Sun is a very Hard light which casts shadow, so you might get irritated by seeing shadows in your video, but these reflectors also minimizes the shadows casts by the sun.

Using Reflector is much more  better than direct Sunlight. But also, there is a Weather which is best suitable for Videography.

And yes its Cloudy Weather, When You see a cloudy day, just get out and take some amazing pictures even Without a Reflector. Yes, Because, Cloud is working for you as a reflector and you would get awesome videos.

So if You can't afford to buy lighting you can always use whatever the source is availaible.

Some Points to Remember -
1. Never  Keep Sun (Until you want it that way) directly towards the camera lense, or else the end result will be very Dark.

2. Always Play with Sunlight to make the most out of it, bending light is an art not an option.

3. Always remember Sun is the Best Source of Energy and lighting, So never forget to take into account that you have been given so much by God that you don't really need extra things in your life.

But God gave us Nights too, Thats why we need Lighting Setups so even in evening or night we could create awesome quality videos.

So in my Next Blog, I Will tell you What lighting Setup should you really buy to enhance your Videos.

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Thank You.

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