Redmi Go Finally Announced Officially by Xiaomi - An Android Go Failure

After all, the day has arrived when after so many leaks and speculations, finally Xiaomi announced it officially about their first Android Go Powered Smartphone named, Redmi Go.
And after the launch I can't imagine Why this smartphone even Exist?

Seriously, If you read my older Blog where I talked about Why Android Go Phones will be a Failure, You will get to know what am I talking about.
Here is the link :

The Price to Performance ratio doesn't really match up in any of the Android Go Smartphones and things aren't much different either in Redmi Go. Yes, it's also pricey.

Here are Specifications :

If you look at the Above Specifications, there is no wonder in it. But if you want to know at what price they have launched it?
Its 80 Euros, Which is almost 6500 Indian Rupees or 90US Dollars.
Now at that Pricing, I don't understand what they are trying to achieve?
Maybe its not that much for foreigners, but here we Indians always believe in value for money product and this product doesn't seem to offer anything spectacular.

Even if we match these specification from 2 Year Old Redmi 4, that Redmi 4 has much better things to offer. And Newer Phones like Redmi 5a, Redmi 6a, Redmi 6, etc. are all better than this.
So What's the point of giving Android GO Smartphone at a Price where much better Android Phones are availaible? 

Now Lets Analyse the Specifications of Redmi Go :
  • Only 5in HD Resolution with 16:9 Ratio. I mean seriously not even 18:9? not even 5.5in?
  • Snapdragon 425, its ok but still not even 430 or 435
  • 1GB Ram & 8GB Storage, Seriously Xiaomi, is that you? is it 2014?
  • 3000mAh battery, Ok thats good for the Price still note 4000mAh
  • But only 5 Watts Charger, Back to 2015
  • 8MP Back Camera, What? Where?
  • 5MP Front Camera, Whattt??
  • 8.3MM Thick Device, Still ok for Price
  • Where is the Fingerprint Sensor? No, doesn't have it
After seeing all of these specifications, just go to google and search older Xiaomi phones like
Redmi 3S, Redmi 4, Redmi 4a, Redmi 5, Redmi 5a, Redmi 6, Redmi 6a
all of these smartphones are far far far far better than this Old School thing.
That's not something I ever expected from Xiaomi.

Here are some Specifications of these older smartphone.

You can see all of these smartphones are much better than Redmi Go, atleast they starts from 2GB Ram & 16Gb Storage, and Camera has atleast 13MP back, While processor is much Powerful.
So, How can we consider Redmi Go an upgrade?
No it isn't.
It isn't even a Good Value for Money product.
And I would say, its a Failure of Android Go Programme.

I hope Xiaomi launches it in India Under Rs. 4000/- or US Dollar 60,
then and only then it will be considered as a good Product.
Otherwise, its Not Good.

Thanks for Reading.

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