The irony of Tech Bloggers, YouTubers & the whole Community being Biased

There was a time in late 90's & 2000's, that People get their recommendations from their Families & Relatives only. In the generation I grew up, Every society has a tech savvy guy or girl, who is Popular for his Knowledge & Choice on the products involving Technology.

One of those guys were me. From my Childhood, Either My Family or My Friends dependent upon me to choose which Tech Products are the Best to Buy, Whether its a TV, Smartphone, Computer, Laptop, etc..

But one of the main reasons that People take your consideration is not because you are the God of Technology, No, You can never be it. But they take your consideration because they Love you, Respect Your Choices and Most importantly Trust You & Your Tech Knowledge.

And With that Love & Trust, I never dared to give anyone Wrong Advice intentionally, May be unintentionally sometimes I made mistakes to, May be sometimes My Choices were also Bad, but those where mistakes, Not an Intentional Sin. And People who Trust me, gives me so Much Power and Courage to have faith in Life that I always had to give them the right choices.

I knew many people who asked me, "What Phone should I Buy for Rs. 8K", and Most of the times my Replies are "Why don't you stick with your current Phone, Because No 8K Phone is going to differ you from your current Phone, So stick around with it for a Year maybe, then we will figure out to change"..
And some people asks me, "Why you always advice to wait", and the answer is "because I always wanted you to give you the best Value for Money".

Yes, When you consider someone to have a good product, You always think that he/she should get a Phone that is worth every penny. And, it is really hard to get these type of Products nowadays.
But things have changed so much from the Past now.

Earlier, It was word of Mouth that spreads the information about a product.
then, It is Media Advertising and Product Placements that garners more audience.
But, as the Internet has become so freely available, most of the Advertisement has moved from Mainstream Media to Smaller Tech Communities like Bloggers, Youtubers, Influencers etc..

Now, The Case of these influencers are similar as what I gave example before,
People do trust on them, they influence people to buy some product. They advertise a product that is good for the people. And We are also one of them.
We always believe in bringing the best of Tech that People should get, and they should get a product that is value for many and they should never feel that they have been cheated.

That's why Bloggers & Youtubers like us, Not only Earns Money, But also Earns Respect & Love.
People Love Us, Respect Us, Learn From Us, May be Some People hate us, but thats completely normal. But what is Not Normal, is When Influencers like us Starts to Cheat People Who made us Popular, Who made us who we are today.

For a cheap amount of money or in some cases for a huge amount of money, People are being bought by Tech industry to advertise their product and let people by their product in the name of these influencers. And that is a Big issue, Big Problem, that nowadays have reached so High, that even the most Popular faces are being Bought of by these Brands. And those Popular Faces are not even Ashamed of what they are doing.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that "Paid Reviews are Bad", Nope, But "Paid & Biased Reviews are totally Not Acceptable". Paid Reviews happen all over the world, We take Money, or Product to review about it and we talk everything about their Good & Bad. But in a Paid & Biased review, High Level Bloggers/Youtubers, Takes money, Talks everything that is Good, don't speak about the Bad, and sells it to their Subscribers/followers without even thinking about their loss.

And this is happening, that's why I am here writing about these issues to let people know what's going on. But as it is a scary thing, there isn't any natural solution to this until some really Tech Youtubers become Honest. But Honesty is now being sold and Respect is now being treated as a burden.

There are many forms that a Youtuber might do Biased Advertisement, and one of the easiest thing is to do "Only Unboxing, Not Reviews". See, When you become a Popular Face, You only need to show that Product with you, You don't need to talk about it. You may have seen many celebrities who don't even know how to set password in Wi-Fi hotspot, they do product advertisement and people also buy just because they advertised it.

But With Time, People became aware of these things and they started trusting on someone who has knowledge, And some really Knowledgeable Youtubers/Bloggers came  forward to help people. But then they shifted to "Unboxing Only" mode, because that has more money, less time invest in and less people questioning your integrity.

Yes, An Unboxing Video can be made in an Hour, While A Review can take Days or Months.
An Unboxing Video doesn't need to discuss what's Good or Bad in it, You just have to show the product, and just because you are popular, people will buy it.
Some High Brands Pay more for "Unbox Only" thing, they also urge Influencers not to review it just unbox it so we will pay you more, because they know Review might make their Product less selling.

So, An unboxing-Only style is a perfect Cover Up for being Biased, as people will never question you. Because if they do, You will reply "That it was just an unboxing not a Review thats why I didn't said what's bad in that product", and that will be a perfect reply, that makes sense. That's why Brands recognize you, and that's your irony.

And this is what I was here to talk about, The Community is being Corrupted, and you all people need to be aware not to trust anyone Blindly, not the Most Popular, not the Least Popular, Not He, Not She, Not they, Not We, Nor even Me.
And there is no Solution.

Thank You.

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