Super Extra Bass On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone With Mic & Aux - Boult Audio Flex

I am trying to write this Article from an hour, but believe me, I just can't.

Today, I challenged myself to write a Review of this On-Ear Headphone while listening to it on Google Play Music.
And I am not really able to do that. The Headphone and Google Play Music, both are at fault here😀.
While Google Play Music Gives us Best Songs With HD Music Stream totally Free, and the Boult Audio Flex gives Extra Bass with Crisp Sound that really suits Most type of Indian Music.
Combining both of them, makes me difficult to concentrate on Writing this Article.

God !! How Am I gonna finish this article.
Music Playing Right Now - Mai Tera Boyfriend, Tu Meri Girlfriend😁
I am Really moving my hands like dancing while writing this.

Kyunki, Mai tera boyfriend tu meri girlfriend ohh mainu kehndi na na na na na....

Aaj to Mai Gaane me hi Behh jaaunga...
BTW, The Boult Audio Flex is really an Awesome On-The Ear Headphone that Sounds Really Really Really Great. I mean, for an Headphone under Rs. 2000, this is one of the most perfect thing I have ever heard.

The Song Just finished and now the Song Playing is - Lag Jaa Gale by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
While its a Romantic Song, I will be able to concentrate on my writings right now.

Tere mere pyaar nu najar naa lage, Ruk jaa Oo yara ab lagg Jaa gale..

Ab Headphone Nikaalna hi padega Mujhe warna Likh nahi paaunga.. 
So, Now I took off my Headphone. It was  really distracting.

Lets Get Serious and Review this Product :
Unboxing :
The Boult Audio Flex Comes in a Very Normal Cardboard type Packaging, So don't expect any Jewellery Unboxing Experience. The Unboxing might get you little upset because its just not packed very good, its like they just found a Cardboard Box and put the headphone in it to Sell it.
But, No Matter How Simple is Packaging, If the product is Good, then Packaging doesn't matter anything. And that's what this Earphone does.

Inside the Box You will get :
1. A Charging Cable
2. A 3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux Cable (Yes it supports both Bluetooth & Wired)
3. A User Manual
4. And the Headphone itself.

This Earphone teaches us the Valuable lesson of "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover", Because after seeing Packaging or Even after Seeing the Product, You might feel like its just some ordinary Headphone.
But believe me its main USP is the Sound.

But first Let's talk about Design & Build Quality :
The Boult Audio Flex is a Simple designed Headphone which is also very Light, its so light that your Head Won't feel anything on top, and thats a good thing. But being Light, also makes it a little Fragile. So handle this Headphone with Care.

Headphone is made up of Plastic & Metal, and it can be folded or stretched depending upon your need or your head size. So it fits easily to any head size from a Teen to a Adult.
The Earcup Padding Foams are Soft as well as of Good Sturdy Quality, It provides comfort to our ears even if we use it for longer times. I continuously used it for 2-3 hours, and I felt almost No Pain.

The Right Side of Earphone has three buttons Which can be used to turn On/Off, Play/Pause, Next/Previous or Volume Control. Below the Buttons, there is a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, A Micro USB Port and A Microphone. The Micro USB Port has built in LED Indicator Light.

On the Left side, there is just the Boult Logo.
The Only Two thing that I don't like in this Headphone is that
1. When you Fold it, the Metal Part remains outside of the Headphone which might be annoying for some.
2. The Wires Connecting the Speakers are Visible at the Ear Cups.

So Overall, Yeah its not the Best designed Headphone, But Still its Good Enough to use it regularly without any hassle. Specially I love how comfortable it is.

Now, Lets Talk About the Sound Quality :
Remember How this Blog Started?, Yeah Sound Quality is just like that. Awesome.
If you put it up onto your ears and starts listening, You won't feel to remove it.
You will just go on with the Flow.

The Bass is Superb, I mean it just Hits you Hard on your Ears. 
You will feel Vibrations, You will love how Your Ear is getting a Massage.
Its Deep, Its All Over & its not Over-Bassed that Other Sounds Muffle, Nope.

Even if the Bass is Super High, the Mids, Highs & Lows are all Good.
And the Clarity is Also Great. The only thing that is low on this Earphone is "Treble".
Actually, Treble is not low, But when Bass is High, it gets Lost Somewhere.
And it might be Good for Many but not Good for Some Treble Lovers.

Sound produced in Both Wired & Bluetooth Mode is Almost Same.
And if your Battery runs out, You can always switch to Wired Mode.

Battery, Microphones & Other Things :
→Battery in my Testing Lasts Upto 6 Hours in Medium to High Volume,
→It get charged in 2 Hours from 0 to 100%.
→Bluetooth Range is 10 Meters, I didn't found any issue in my Testing.
→Voice Quality over Microphone / Call, is Good, Better than Many Headphones.
→Yes, Cancels Most of the Noises, but still its Not Totally Noise Cancelling
→As it is On the Ear, Not Over the Ear, So Your Ears doesn't heat up that much.

Price & Verdict :
The Boult Audio Flex On The Ear Bluetooth Headphone might not be the Best packed or Best Looking Headphone, But it certainly is one of the Best Headphones Under 2000. It Competes with many brands, and hits the right Stop.

It is Currently Selling at a Price of Rs. 1500/-
And that Price is Great for Something Sounds this much better.

-For Bass Lovers / Music Lovers & Comfort Searchers.
-Not for Style Lovers

If you like this Article feel free to share it with Everyone,
And Currently I am listening to,
Mann Masst Magan, Dil Tera Naam Dohraaye..

Thanks !!

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