Enable Dual PIP Camera Mode in Poco F1 - Get Nokia Wala Bothie Mode

Xiaomi Poco F1 is a Stunning Smartphone with a Very Attractive price. There is no doubt that its still the Best Smartphone under 30K Price category. But its one of its main highlights in the Ability to Support Camera2Api natively.
Due to this many advanced features of Camera can be enabled just by a single tap of button.
We already told you how you can install Google Camera, which is pretty easy, just download and install.
Here is the Google Camera Link for Poco F1 -  https://www.file-up.org/yak6gm7b7qxp

But Google Camera does not support features like "Bothie" which is a main Highlight of Nokia Phones. Bothie is feature mainly in Nokia phones where you can take pictures from Both Front and Back Camera at the same time. Its a great feature to have fun with.

So, How to enable Bothie or Dual PIP Mode in Camera on Xiaomi Poco F1?
Its Simple,

Download Nokia Camera APK : https://www.file-up.org/sjydcbnc2wo3
Its a Ported Nokia Camera App, and Just install it.

Now open the Nokia Camera App,  give it all the Required Permissions
Then Tap on Photo Mode or Video Mode.
On the Top Menu, You will find a Bothie Icon,
Just Tap on it and then Choose an option.

Option 1 - Dual Mode - In this Mode You Can capture both Front and Back Camera at same time in half Screen Size Mode, So Screens will be Split into Two.

Option 2 - PIP Mode - In this Mode, One Camera will be Full Screen, While the Other Camera will be in Picture-in-Picture Mode, you Can drag the other camera anywhere on the screen.

So in Any Mode, Just Tap the Capture Button and Camera will take Two-Photos at same time then Merge them into Single Photo.
Thats Fun.

But, This App is in Beta Testing So Most of the Features don't work, Dual PIP Works Fine.
If you are having issues with Dual PIP like, Front Camera Gives Reversed Photo,
then just hit the settings, and Enable Mirror Front Camera Option.

You Are Done !!

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