Best Free Video Editors Without Watermark and Trial Period on Windows

Whether You are a Youtuber or a Blogger and You need some Video Editor to Edit your Videos so that You can take your creativity to Next Level, Yes, You need a Video Editor.
But in reality, Video Editors are Not Cheap.
Premium Video Editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, etc. doesn't only come with a Price, but a rental service, Where you have to pay them almost 1000Rs. to 5000Rs. every Month depending upon your Plan & Need.
And its Not possible for everyone to pay that much.

Also if you look at some consumer level video Editors like, Wondershare Filmora, Cyberlink PowerDirector, they also have rental sevices but also provides one time cost which might be equal to 10000Rs. Which is again a huge amount for the Software.

So, We Creators left with no choice rather than using some totally Free Video Editors. Yes Filmora & PowerDirector Provides us with their Trial Version where you can edit videos free for some time but there is always limitation like, Your videos will have Watermark, Exporting will be limited to HD or FHD, and also Many Codecs or Features will need you to buy that Software.

So, I was in search of a Video Editor which gives me many features at Zero price. I wanted a free Video Editor. And then I found Some Video Editors that are really great at no Cost.
Here are Some of it :-

1. If you are just starting Video Editing Start with Windows Movie Maker, Naahh I'm just joking. Because you will find this line everywhere, yes its a very basic video editor that does cut, trim, merge etc. But you should only use it to learn basic things, not recommended for longer use. And Now the support is already ended, so you will have hard time recognizing certain file types.

2. Cyberlink PowerDirector - Yes its not free, but its free, How? Because Powerdirector gives us som much tools in Trial Version that you dont really required any other Video Editor. Its Fast, its one of the fastest video editor that does rendering in a very less time. I worked with power director for almost a Year, its great. Many Pro level features are also supported.
And in Trial Version you can remove its Watermark with a very simple trick.
First, Just Download & install the trial Version, and use it to edit Videos, then before exporting, the video, right click on any layer and choose "Enable Selected Layers Only",
Then, Manually select the layers that you want to export and dont select any extra layers.
Now just export it, and you won't see any Watermark.
Enjoy, the best of a Video editor. If trial version ends after 28days, just uninstall and install it again.
PowerDirector Tutorial

3. Avid Media Composer First - This is a Pro Level Video Editing Software that is totally free. Many Hollywood movies are edited through this Pro level video editor, but free version includes some limitations. You should try it.

4. DaVinci Resolve 15 - Currently I am using this Video editor and I am learning it bit by bit. Their might be some tutorials coming in future, because this video editor is Totally Free, No Watermark, Gives you option to Export in 4K, and Many More Features that you can't expect in any other video editor for Free.
If you are done with basic editing, then I will recommend you to move to this. Learning it will take little time, but when you master it, it might replace many other Paid Video Editors.

5. Crack Premium Softwares for Free - Yeah, it seems weird that I am Supporting illegal Cracking, but no I am not, I am just saying, Download Crack versions of Softwares, use it until you are able to Pay for it. In the mean time get yourself immerse with the layout and ui before purchasing it.
But make sure to follow your Country Rule.

Filmora Tutorial in Hindi

Yeah, I know I haven't written many other Video Editors that comes for Free, like KdenLive, Avidemux, VSDC, etc.. But the truth is they are not good at all, they are horrible, they might be not stable also. I don't wanna give you too many video editors so you get confused about what to choose.
Just one thing I wanna say.

If you want total free experience,
Start with PowerDirector Trial then Move to Avid Media Composer First or DaVinci Resolve (Any one of them, not both) and when you master them, you might not need any other video editor.


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