Xiaomi Poco F1 Kills One Plus 6T in Latest Antutu Score Benchmarks

Believe it or not, Xiaomi Poco F1 is one of the Finest Device Ever Under a Very Budget Price. Its a Phone which has Flagship level of Hardware Packed into a Cheap Body at a Budget Price.

Yes its the mixture of these things that makes it stands out in the Crowd.

I remember, When I bought My Poco F1 Which is 6GB/64GB Varient, It was running on Android Oreo based Miui 10 and at that time, there were many issues with the device itself. But the developers of Poco gave the device pretty much great updates and made it one of the best devices under 30K Category.

At the time I bought it, the Antutu Score of Poco F1 6/64GB was around 238000, and when one plus 6T launched, the Antutu Score of 6/128GB was Around 288000 (Because one plus 6T base varient is 6/128GB, and 6/64GB not availaible).

So it was a Huge Gap,
Then Xiaomi Gave Poco F1 an Android P Update, And after that The Antutu Score we Got was Mind-Blowing, We got around 287000, Which is just 1000 Lesser than One Plus 6T base Varient. But Still it was great to see because we were comparing 64GB Varient to 128GB Varient.

But later then, One Plus 6T also Recieved some nice updates making it more faster and the Antutu Score slides up to 296166.

But Xiaomi also kept their Update firm and running and made their Poco even more better and faster and their Scores to Slides up.

And Guess what?
Poco F1 beats One Plus 6T with a Slight Advantage, We got a Score of 296284, which is almost 120 Score more than One Plus 6T.

I got Surprised, I got Excited that How great the Poco Devs are working and How Beautiful and the Beastly this Phone is.

Here is the ScreenShot of the Test Result.

Now, One More thing I wanna tell you that, I did this Test when my Poco F1 was having hundreds of apps installed.

Here is the list of apps installed -

Even after this, the Result just shocked me and made me write this Post. If my 6/64GB Varient does this, I can only wonder what 8/255GB Varient would do if someone tests it right now.

Note -
1. Poco F1 Scores were taken by me on my Phone having many apps installed and plugged into a charger.

2. I do not Own any One Plus 6T, So Scores of that devices where taken from different websites and Antutu listings itself.

3. Poco F1 Antutu tests were done in Latest Beta Rom of Miui 10 Version 9.1.24.

4. I mean no harm to One Plus or their users Creating this Blog, I am just expressing my views.

Thank You

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