Boat Rockerz 400 Mumbai Indians Edition, Unboxing & Review

I bought Boat Rockerz 400 Mumbai Indians Edition which is specially made for this IPL, you can get any of your team edition.
This is an On-Ear Headphone which serves it purpose beautifully.

1. Box Pack is Great, Feels good while opening the ipl edition.
2. Inside the box there are few things, Headphone, its pouch, 3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux Cable, Micro USB Cable to Charge it, Warranty Manuals, User guide & Product Information booklet.

3. The Pouch given with it is Good with blue colour Mumbai Indians Edition. Totally makes an IPL pouch😁.
4. Quality of Aux cable and Micro USB Cable is also Good, no issues with that.
5. It comes with Boat one year warranty, which is a trustworthy company.

Now lets talk about the Headphone
1. Once you unbox it, you will see Mi Paltan written on ta and MI written on both sides of Headphone with the Boat Branding.
2. Once you hold it, you will feel its very very light weight, You wont even feel you are holding it. But while being light weight is good as it wont hurt your head in longer use, it also makes it delicate, so handling it with care is necessary.

3. Ear cups can be folded inward to keep it in pouch, and also it can be stretched to fit a bigger head.
4. There is a little bit of cushion on top to make your head comfortable. Also the cushion of earcups are good but in summers it might get warmer as the cushions are little harder, it might make your ear sweat in a longer use.

5. There are 3 buttons, that can control your music, on/off/play/pause,  next/volume+,  previous/volume-.
6. Below the buttons are the micro USB port,  A 3.5mm Audio Jack,  A Microphone for calling and a Led Light Indicator. 
7. Bluetooth Connectivity is good,  even walking jogging,  I didn't get any interruption or stutters or connection issue. 
8. battery lasts almost 8-9 hours in 60-70% volume,  while 5-6hours in 100% volume. 

9. Even if battery dies,  you can plug it with aux cable and listen to this headphone,  which is great. 
10. Overall build quality is good,  but delicate which needs to be handled with care otherwise,  if you use it roughly it might won't last longer. 

Let's Talk about sound. 

1. Once you listen to it,  you will feel Bass is really really Good. It's High,  it's like an ear massager. 
2. Not only bass the other Sounds produced with it are also balanced,  mids,  ups and lows are accurately provided. 
3. Also the clarity of Sound is Great,  you can hear crystal clear music and there is no distortion even it higher volumes,  and volume is really really high. 
4. Noise Cancellation is little as it's a On-Ear headphone not a Over-Ear,  still it's cancels at most noises at high volume,  but don't expect wonders. 

5. While it sounds so good for music,  the same can't be said for call Quality. Microphone performs little low,  the other side can't able to hear properly until you speak loud sometimes. 
6. Sound Quality at Aux cable is also as same as bluetooth no issues with that. 

So overall the Product is good.
But As its a Mumbai Indians Edition, they have priced ir Quite high. I would suggest you if you are not much ipl fan, just go with Normal edition of Boat Rockerz 400 and save some bucks.

4 out of 5 stars

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