2020 iPhones getting even bigger

The iPhone is about to get bigger. Bigger phones, I know not every one is a fan of that, some people were hoping for the old days, iPhone SE type of era. Some people’s are like these phones are already too big, well apple supposedly, based on this new rumours via “Ming-chi-kuo”,  he is the dude. When he says something is happening with iPhones it’s probably happening with iPhone, he got this track record, inside lines, he has got the connections ,he has got his ears in Cupertino headquarters. He has got a new report out stating “three new iPhones in the second half of 2020", including 2 high end ones ,one of which will be 6.7 inches, now that’s not funny figure because phones like Samsung A70 is exactly 6.7 inches which is massive, that’s even bigger than the already massive S10 plus. You could see the biggest iPhone ever in this particular version at 6.7 inches which is very likely to happen. 

OLED of course. And here the things get interesting, How about a smaller shrunken non plus model, non big boy, 5.4 inches supposedly for the other flagship iPhone. So one gets bigger and one get smaller of course the regular iPhone XS right, non max now  is 5.8 inches , so that can go down to 5.4 inches and then a bigger one , so a bigger gap between the two. And then you keep the budget end model at 6.1 inches the current size of the XR , so that fits in between the two. I think that kind of satisfies both groups , you have the standard version which gets a  bit smaller for those who were clambering for it and then of course who wants the biggest screen possible may go for a bigger one, all OLED across the board, even the 6.1 inch version and the 5G modems in partnership with Qualcomm. So Qualcomm and Apple they had beef, they sort of settle there beef, so now they are seen working together on 5G together .

He also believe that apple will have its own 5G modem ready before 2022-23, so maybe apple is wanting to reduce its dependency on this equipment’s on a supplier like Qualcomm as we stated they had beef in the past . They have gone to court and so forth and  this technology world continues to be filled with conflict . Companies like Apple are looking to keep at many things in house as possible.

So the question is what is the perfect size of smartphone . There are two arguments, you have the single handed functionality, the phone user whose on the go, the person who needs to pop out the phone and use it on a frequent bases ,in and out of the pocket and then is a person laying on the couch watching movies, watching Netflix  is the two usage scenarios and people have to decide which one which camp they are in . Or maybe it’s a situation where you like to watch movies on TV and laptops with a tub of popcorn. Anyway, so this brings the question what you primary device is, maybe you don’t have a laptop, or a nice Tv, may be you don’t have the gadgets, maybe you are not a privileged guy like Cook and maybe you spent all your money on the new iPhone and a kidney or even two. Then you might wanna bigger screen on the smartphone cause it becomes your primary consumption device. It’s upto you, you decide none the less,  2020, Biggest iPhone eve, 6.7 inches, oh my goodness, Tim Cook, Apple it’s so exciting .

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