New battery technology by Nokia increases your battery life upto 2.5x

"Your battery is low, please plug in the charger.” Do you get irritated every time you see it too? And do you wish to see your smartphone last for more than a day, without being bulky?

All this might be true pretty soon with the new technology developed by Nokia’s Bell labs division. We’ve been seeing the lithium ion and lithium polymer battery for a very long time now and though it’s good it’s not the best, but finally there has been a breakthrough. Nokia’s Bell labs division has designed a new kind of battery called lithium nanotube battery, this battery might provide a 2.5x increase in endurance solving almost all the problems in a lithium ion or a lithium polymer battery all together.

The current batteries have limited recharge cycles and due to overheating of these batteries the lifespan of the same is shorter, but the new lithium nanotube batteries by Nokia might solve these problems and increase the lifespan of batteries too. So your smartphones battery will last 2.5x longer than before, moreover it will not even change the aesthetics of your smartphone that means all the problems solved plus increase in battery life without increasing the size of the battery, so you’ll get to keep your smartphones slim and beautiful.
This breakthrough in battery is the gift of the 5G revolution happening around the world, with increased network power it is sure to use a lot of juice from your device and to survive the 5G world we need a battery better than ever, so Nokia played the right game and announced this new technology. A patent has also been filed by Nokia and there are plans to commercialize it in future.

“By packing more energy into a smaller space, this new battery technology will have a profound impact on 5G and the entire networked world." Said Paul King, one of the lead investigators on the project and Member of the Technical Staff, Nokia Bell Labs.
Since Nokia is working on this new battery technology it won't be a stretch to say that other companies like Samsung aren't doing so too.
Well it doesn’t matter how we get it, just having this technology marks a great improvement in the future of smartphones. I’m sure we’ll all be eagerly waiting for this technology, I for one am excited to see it come to life. If anything is surfaced regarding this news we’ll surely let you know.

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