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GMAIL, as you already know is the people’s all time choice for emails and stuff. It has more than 1 BILLION active monthly users (1,000,000,000- If someone visualizes what one billion looks like😂). There are many compelling reasons which makes it everyone’s favourite. It has a simple yet immersive user interface. Also, it packs in a lot of exciting and useful features. There are certain intuitive tricks that not many people know. If you use Gmail EXTENSIVELY in your daily lives, you cannot miss on these amazing features. SO, HERE YOU GO,.

  •  Set Cancellation Period For Your Sent Mails

         Gmail gives us an UNDO option to restrict your sent mails which is literally a BLESSING for those who feel clumsy after writing an email and for those who make a lot of typos/mistakes while writing their mails. This option not only reverts back a sent email for a specific amount of time, but also allows you to customize the cancellation period as per your interest. ISN’T THAT COOL?
To set the cancellation period for any sent mails, all you need is to go to the Gmail settings and look for ‘UNDO SEND’ option. This lets you to set a cancellation period anywhere between 5 seconds to 30 seconds. It’s good to set it to the maximum time as it gives ample lot of time to revert back your sent mail.
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  • Track Your Emails 

I know how hell of a useful feature this is! I mean who doesn’t wants to check about the status of his/her emails. For this feature, you need an extension which helps you to track emails which in turn tells about the read receipt.

You need to install an extension named “MAILTRACK” extension. And the best part is, once you install the same, it lets you to track unlimited emails in the free version. You just need to give it the necessary permissions required, and you are good to go. Works automatically and also has checkmark icons for your emails which tells you if the mail has been read or not by the recipient.


  • All New Confidential Mode

This mode allows you to send encrypted emails to prevent sensitive information leaking out into the wrong hands. To use this feature, tap on the lock with a clock icon (Now that’s Rhyming😂) in the Compose mail section.

In this mode, you can set an expiration date for your email which is anywhere between a day to 5 years and choose whether the recipient would need a passcode to open your email. 

Using this mode helps in encrypting your email and also restricts the recipient from forwarding, copying your email etc. If you want your privacy to be tightly secured, use this tool and you won’t regret in the end.  

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  • Use Different Colored Stars

You would know that we can star emails, but there is a little chance that you might not know the fact that there are many stars other than the basic yellow one. Isn’t that cool! To enable more stars, you need to find the ‘General’ tab in the Gmail settings menu. Then you can choose different stars and drop them to the “In Use” section. When you are done selecting, just smash the “Save Changes” button to use them. This feature can be very useful, as different stars can be used for different sections which would be very useful in urgent times.

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