204 Days in Space - Three Astronauts Landed Safely on Earth

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Writer - Hritika Pant

After Spending 204 Days in Space Three Astronauts Landed Safely on Earth

NASA astronaut Anne McClain, Oleg Kononenko from Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) and David Saint Jacques from Canadian Space agency landed safely on 24 June 2019 at 10:47 pm EDT (02:47 GMT or 8:47 am local time on June 25th)

Anne McClain, when landed

They came in the Russian Soyuz MS- 11 space craft, which was 57th Russian Soyuz space craft to fly ISS ( International Space Station). 

It travelled total 86.4 million miles (139 million kilometres) over the course of 3,264 orbits of Earth.
(Image ©NASA)

They lowered by parachutes and slowed by thrusters. Touched down South East town of Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan.

After landing they were met by the Russian Recovery force, representative and medical team from NASA and Canadian Space Agency.

McChain tweeted 4 days before;
"It's really amazing how the human mind and body can adapt to new environments. How the once incredible can become so normal"
"I encourage every human to do something out of your comfort zone that forces you to adapt. You'll be pleasantly surprised of your capabilities."
(Image ©NASA)
These incredible people lived 204 days on space, arrived at orbiting laboratory on December 03 - 2018. 

Over 6 months they helped conduct numerous science experiments, oversaw the arrival and departure of several Robotic resupply ships.
Also received the first US Commercial Crew Spacecraft, Space X's crew dragon. 
(Image ©NASA)
This expedition was Kononenko's fourth stay on ISS. He now have spent more than 737 days off Earth, ranking 6th in the world for most time accumulated in space. While McChain and Saint- Jacques completed their first space mission

They left behind;
Cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin of Roscosmos and NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Nick Hague to begin Expedition 60.

New crew, including Aleksandr Skvortsov of Roscosmos, NASA astronaut Drew Morgan & Luca Parmintano of European Space Agency. They are scheduled to launch on Soyuz MS - 13 to the space on July 20.
David Saint- Jacques in orbit

Science have leaped through impossibilities like McChain said in her tweet.
As once going to space was a bizarre thought but now, these people go there, spend unbelievable amount of time risking their life each second. But they go out there in search of KNOWLEDGE.

There was a time when astronauts would risk their life, knowing there's no way back and still go out there in the search of unknown.

Now even though technologies have developed, these brave hearts travel millions, penetrating all the forces that seperate us from that incredibly dangerous universe.

And they come back with a smile and so much of gratitude in those eyes.

I salute them with so much proud and respect in my heart.

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