Amazon sale and how Non Prime users can also participate!! Plus a bonus eBay sale!!!

One thing all of us, especially us Indians eagerly wait for is a SALE. I mean who doesn’t like to save some extra money while buying stuff.

So if you like and wait to buy on sales like me, there is a good news for you. The Amazon Prime Day Sale is coming. Now don’t you get sad non-prime users, because there is a way for you to enter too. First let me warm you up a little about the sale, so you get excited.

The Amazon Prime day sale will be going live on 12:00 am 15th July for 48 hours that is till 16th July. This sale is one of the biggest sale by Amazon every year so of course you will be getting some crazy deals and bank discounts on everything especially electronics and Amazon products like the fire TV stick and the Amazon echo. So if you’re planning on buying something expensive like a smartphone or a TV or heck even something small I would ask you to wait a little.

Okay now I’ll stop boring you and tell you how you can also be a part of this sale, it’s simple all you have to do is to sign up for Amazon’s free 30-day prime trial (if you haven’t already) and you can have fun at the Amazon Prime Day Sale and enjoy heavy discounts, I know it wasn’t a hack or something but we forget such simple things at times like these. So by only signing for a trial period you can not only enjoy prime TV for a month but also do shopping at the biggest Amazon sale. Not bad, right?

Not only this. EBay is also having its own The Crash Sale on the same day as Amazon mocking the site crash that happened in 2018 on the same Amazon Prime Day Sale. eBay is planning a 3 weeks of deals with different sales one of which being Hot deals for Hot days sale that is probably on the 8th  of July which will offer up to 80% off products each day including products like smartphones and home appliances. And one more among the deals is the Crash Day Sale where eBay will be having a major discount by the name ‘can’t miss deals’ if Amazon crashes on the sale day (again).
“eBay is primed to deliver exactly what shoppers want during this year’s crash (sale)” said Jay Hanson, COO of eBay Americas.
“The more the merrier” as the saying goes is true here. If amazon is not giving the deals of your heart maybe eBay will, just make sure to grab the best deal.

Also we’ll be updating you on the best deals on the prime day sale so stay tuned for that and follow us, till then here are a few deals that amazon has revealed, you can check more on the official Amazon site or app.

Thank you.

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