Humans are Growing Horns Due to Smartphone ( Study Suggest )

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Writer Ashish Nath.

Humans are Growing Horns Due to Smartphones (Study Suggest)

Ever since the invention of smartphones, the way we live life have had a great change. From our moods to our priority, from falling in love to being happy, from getting headaches to GROWING HORNS IN OUR SKULL, and from… wait! That can’t be true, I just said something about growing horns.
But as bizarre or unbelievable it may sound, it’s a serious issue. Research in bio-mechanics have come out stating that youngsters are developing bones shaped liked horns at the back of their skull.
This hornlike structure of bones is believed to be caused by the forward tilting or bending of head, which is again believed is because of excessive use of smartphone among youngsters which supposedly requires our head to be mostly in tilted state. Although this problem was discovered a year ago it has come to light and receiving fresh attention because of a BBC story publication last week that considers, “How modern life is transforming the human skeleton.”
Since then this news has captured the attention of media and this condition is being given names like “weird bumps” or “head horns” and even “phone bones”. Although Michael Nitabach, a professor of psychology, genetics and neuroscience at Yale University does not believe that the cause of these “head horns” are necessarily smartphones. “We cannot determine such without proper data.” He says.

Whatever be the reason, “Growing Horns” is never a good news, being smart doesn’t have to be relative to being unhealthy. So know the difference and use your device and don’t let the device use you.

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