iTunes Getting Retired : No one shed a tear

Apple is expected to retire iTunes after eighteen years, that will make you feel old, The idea that iTunes is around for eighteen years. Everybody hates iTunes, I never met anyone, nor have I read a single article of somebody praising iTunes, like it seems to be most hated software that everyone needs to use and uses reluctantly.
iTunes is been the way apple uses listening music, watch movies, and TV shows, hear podcast and manage devices from almost two decades. This year Apple is finally ready to move into a new era. The company is launching a trio of apps for the MAC. Music, TV and podcast to replace iTunes, that matches apples media app strategy on iPhones and iPads, without iTunes customers can now manage there apple gadgets through the music app.

So it’s is a long time coming, iTunes a holdover from an age, from a technological age, they no longer exist , its come and gone. Its funny to see this old screenshot of how iTunes looked in 2001 and obviously it has changed in design a little bit over the years but its still a long list. The artist name, the album ,I guess still exists in modern iTunes and just glancing at it feels so antiquated , it’s a nightmare everyone knows , it feels like those apps of that era like rio player and various ways people consumed MP3 . 
It feels odd in this era, even the name of it feels weird, apple has there own music services now you have got TV in there, Podcast in there, everything is so confusing. So I thing this is probably a good , you need to move on at a point of time. Kind of crazy though , cause iTunes had a drastic impact on the music industry , the deal that were cut with the music industries , what apple was able to achieve was unprecedented.

 Scrambling and panicking other MP3 giants at the time, Apple struck at the perfect moment to cut a deal to get some money and of course every artist who signed up was like "hey this part of cake apple is having from us is too big , and we are not happy with iTunes" even then. And then you come to the era of Apple music and Spotify then every one is saying hay , old days on iTunes were good. But still it motivated people to make music and if you look at this, this is a throwback , its like we are in a time machine looking at these screenshots.
And as I mentioned it was a headache to many but apple kept it there because it did there what it was supposed to do but it certainly doesn’t seems like it beyond to 2019 so "I think apple is taking a good decision here to put the old lady to the bed and  iTunes can probably take a nap while other apps manages its position." I could see some people don’t like to download these all apps for one but it just makes sense , iTunes grew up to become all these weird different apps. Apple have TV ambition, as we have seen in the most recent keynotes and of course podcast have become a big player, that doesn’t really fit on iTunes. 

So the writing was on the wall here, we had seen it coming sooner or later. 

Anyway iTunes ,Getting retired, get ready for the new apps , hopefully they are decent so that’s it. I say rest in peace iTunes , farewell sweet prince, and no ones want to shed a tear cause no one is a iTunes lover and if you are leave a comment down below with a reasons because I need to now some 13 reasons why and I bet there will not be a single one.

Thank you

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