Xiaomi, Redmi 5G phone under 20k!! POCO f2?

Recent events have made it clear and it is confirmed that a 5G ready phone in the mid-range category will be launched by Xiaomi before 2020.

We all expected MI to mark its territory in the 5G market but no one expected it to be so soon. Every company has been boasting about their upcoming 5G ready devices but all of them are flagships and expensive, so it was a lonely Island for common people like us who prefer mid-range devices, well of course there will be mid-range 5G ready devices in the market but I personally expected them to take at least till 2021 to be available, but that’s not the case.

MI has always been blowing our mind and surprising us by various sets of amazing devices it provides in all sector and its branched company Redmi is following the same steps. Just recently launching the k20 pro with the latest snapdragon 855 SOC which is a flagship processor at just about 26,000 INR, the company has again come up with an exciting news. Yes the announcement of a 5G ready device below 20k. Lei Jun , CEO of Xiaomi  got up on the stage at MWC Shanghai 2019 and announced that they are going to release a 5G smartphone on 2020 under their brand Redmi, which will be priced around or maybe even below 20k. Black shark also announced a 5G device of their own.

This announcement by Lei Jun is surely going to fire up the mid-range smartphone industry again and maybe other companies like Realme will compete with Xiaomi and we’ll see a 5G ready mid-range device sooner than we think. But don’t assume we’ll be getting the 855 chipset, chances are some other 5G ready mid-range chipset will be introduced. But maybe we just might get the snapdragon 855 chipset that is 5G enabled in a smartphone that everyone has been eagerly waiting for, our beloved the POCO f1’s successor! The smartphone industry will shake again if that happens, and I’ll surely pray for that.

What do you guys think, what are the chances of a POCO f2 or f3? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you.

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