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Writer - Ashish Nath

Get ready and be happy child for you are selected to be a wizard at the greatest school of wizarding, Hogwarts: school of witchcraft and wizardry!!
That’s right. Now we all can be a wizard or a witch at the new Harry Potter game called “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”. This new augmented reality game was launched in the US on 20 June and has finally arrived in India it was launched at around 10:00 pm yesterday in India. Developed by Niantic, the creator of the hit game Pokemon go and its partner Portkey games, you can get a gist of what the game is like. Available on both ios and android you can download the game with a file size of around 60 Mb but it requires an in-game download after which it becomes a total of 519 Mb in size.
This AR game is almost like the Pokemon go, just with the harry potter universe. Where you have to collect different artifacts scattered around the world and fight off the bad wizards and creatures with your magical abilities, you can add friends and fight together too. This game allows you a lot of customizations from choosing your house to selecting your wand and profession, also you can add your profile picture and customize it in the game itself.
The game is gaining popularity fast, as of now it already has a download of 1M+ and a rating of 4.2 stars in the play store. I played the game myself but couldn’t play much because it’s raining outside, in the small period of time that I played the game seemed to be stable and I think it will surely improve with time. So get your wands ready fellow wizard and hop on for an adventure.
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(Also mind your surroundings while playing the game, stay safe.)
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