Vivo's Super FlashCharge Technology Can Fully Charge your Phone in Just 13 Minutes

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Writer - Divye Gandhi
Vivo is showcasing a super flash charge technology which can fill a 4000 mAh battery in 13 minutes which is bananas. That’s pretty wild. So to put this in perspective guys 4000 mAh you are talking like a GALAXY S10, filling up a phone of that Calibre in 13 minutes. Also now you will be like “I don’t even need to charge my phone at night”. It’s just a quick little thing , you pop it in a kitchen or something and grab a full charge. Now we have seen many fast charging technologies in the past including the recently introduced Warp charge (30W) , Supercharge (40w), VOOC charge, and The Galaxy S10 5g which charges at 25W but in this case we are not talking about a 25W we are talking about “a hundred and twenty watt technology“, that is a boatload of power.
If you Remember a Month ago, Xiaomi did teased their Fast Charger that Charges at rate of 100W. But What Vivo has Showcased is even much faster than that which is almost 120W. This is insanse.
With 120W Charger. Your phone would charge from 10 to 14 percent in 16 seconds , I mean are we even ready for this speed. Your Phones are never not charged, you got no excuse, all you need is an outlet for 16 seconds and you are backed up to 15-14 % It's pretty well. So to full the device you need you need 13 minutes according to the sources (4000mAh) which might take 45 minutes in today’s fastest charging technology. It’s Bananas . The showcased it apparently at MWC Shanghai alongside there 5G device.

This is an area where we had hoped that battery tech would have advanced at this Rapid pace or its gonna be like your phone lasted for a week now, this is obviously different but it's kind of nice to have some sort of innovation taking place, you can't have batteries in phones that lasts for a week but at least you can charge it in 13 minutes. It seems like the solution right now is either having a bigger battery or technology that charges faster . So that’s a thing you start to think about on a bigger scale like Tesla for example , it’s like you are looking at these extended range batteries the can't make them become fast enough to fulfil the orders due to all the complexities and then and may be the go down this route where it’s like maybe your range is not crazy but Imagine to get to a Supercharge station and it’s like you 're only there for 5 minutes, more like a gas tank . See that’s obviously an extended hyperbola and we were talking about a phone here and not a car. It’s a good proof concept but will it not overheat?  It’s gonna be hot, I mean even look at the official artwork here it’s probably gonna be hot so much . There's no way around here means it’s gonna generate heat, you are talking about a 120W power.

I assume that’s it gonna be safe and I doubt they wouldn’t have been showcasing it in MWC even after seeing what happened to Airpower. At least to a diverse it would be safe, but still you are going to have heat as a by product I'm sure about it.

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