Everything about the New Pokemon Masters game; with real time PvP battle for mobile: This Summer!!

“Get up and Get ready to start your journey to be the greatest Pokemon master!!”, if that is something you have always wished to hear this new Pokemon game is going to blow your Poke balls away.

Pokemon masters is the new Poke verse based game for mobile, which is going to have some crazy PvP action. You’ll not only be having fun with your pokemon on this game but also your fellow trainers and this strategy based battle game is set to release this summer for both ios and android.
The new Pokemon game will be a team based PvP where you’ll be facing other squads with a squad of your own, and you’ll also be collecting badges along the way just like a regular Pokemon master.

“With Pokemon Masters we’re aiming to create a game that lets anyone casually pick up their phone and enjoy Pokemon battles” said Yu Sasaki, producer of the game from DeNA company ltd.

The game will take place in the artificial land of Pasio, somewhere in the Pokemon world where all the trainers will be aiming to become the champion of a tournament called the Pokemon masters league, the crazy thing about this game is that you have a single pokemon on this island which travels along with you as your partner and these duos are called sync pairs. Rather than being a lone survival, this is a team game where you’ll meet different characters that have appeared in the past pokemon games and form a team with other sync pairs. You’ll be going on an adventure with your team, collecting badges along the way to enter the Pokemon masters league.

The great thing about this game is the battles which are 3vs3 and real time where players can attack as quickly as possible using the move gauge which fills over time (exciting right?), there is also special move called sync attack which looked amazing on the video. Also in this game the trainers also have a role as they can provide support which can either heal the Pokemon or raise their stats. In Pokemon Masters you can create your dream team and become the champion.

This Pokemon game is not only going give people nostalgia but is also going to let them be the Pokemon master they've always dreamed of. 

I don’t know about you guys but I will be very eagerly waiting for this game and by the way I would want a charlizard by my side.
What’s your dream pokemon that you would want to partner up with? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Can we play this game just by home or we have to travel in real World like Pokemon go?

    1. If you want a game like Pokemon go though, check out my post on the new harry potter game. You'll find it here. It is almost the same and developed by the same company too.

  2. You can enjoy it sitting on your couch.