AMD's RYZEN 7 3700X is a BEAST OF A PROCESSOR, better than INTEL's i9-9900k

So, a new day, searching for some new topics and then I saw a gem. As you might already know or are going to know now that, AMD's new line of processors which are the 3rd generation Ryzen 'Zen 2' are going to be launched in the coming week. The benchmark scores for the same were discovered from the Sisoftware benchmark ranker database by a twitter user @TUM_APISAK which when compared to the Intel side of beast processors, which is the i9-9900K, the results were just absolutely shocking. The Ryzen Processor is just brutally beating up the i9 in many key tests. The memory speeds at which the processor was bench-marked is unknown and this could be a crucial factor in the performance of these Ryzen CPU's.


While diving deep into some of the tests such as multimedia and media processing performance, and here we see the real power which comes into play for the AMD processors where they are about 9% more faster than the i9-9900K. For some reference, look unto the graphs posted for the results against each other.

For the processor arithmetic benchmark test, which tests the arithmetic and floating point performance of both the processors, the Intel's CPU comes in ahead of the Ryzen CPU's but, the lead is less than 8% which is pretty great when compared to the last year.

The most improved core of the AMD's CPU is enhanced image processing. This is clearly evident in the image processing benchmark test where AMD's CPU clearly beats the Intel's CPU with an solid lead of 15%.

These improvements gives us imminent signs that AMD is going to compete well against Intel this year as well as in the coming years. But, these results haven't been totally verified by any AMD officials which is natural as these results have been leaked before the launch of the processors. So, don't trust these results completely.   


Lets see, if AMD Continues to improve themselves and take down intel or intel brings something else to the table.

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