Xiaomi Poco F1 Android Q Update Coming Soon

Xiaomi's Best Smartphone till date is none other than Pocophone. Not only Xiaomi's, But if you ask me, there is no other device under 20K which is better than Poco F1 even after A year of Launch.

While, Xiaomi is known for its Miui Software and great Updates, things get more better when they announced that Poco F1 will be a developer friendly device, which means more opportunities and more Development.

So, Xiaomi was first Launched on Android Oreo 8.1, after 3-4 months of Launch, it started recieving Android Pie Update which is Also great. Moreover, The Poco Team always provides its monthly Security Patches Updates on time, which is rare case with some other Redmi devices.

Now, Xiaomi is looking to provide Android Q update to Poco F1 as soon as Possible.

Yes, Things got a little messy when they announced that Beta Rom will be Ended after 1st of July, 2019. And Only Stable Rom will remain to get continuous Update, But after hearing this news, we belive Stable Rom might get better in future.

On a forum Post in Community, Xiaomi stated that they require an internal team to test Stable Roms, So they fix bugs and problem before it publicly availaible in stable Rom.

Now this Recruitment is being done only for few People, So there might be a chance that only 70 to 100 people might get a chance to become a Stable Rom Tester. But overall, atleast they have started a Beta Rom like team, its good to know.

So, in that forum, there is a list of devices for which Stable Rom will be tested and the first name in that list is the Xiaomi Poco F1.
And that name is written along with a bracket which clearly states that the Stable testing will be done on Android Q.

Now, If you ask me, when will we get to use Android Q based Miui in Poco F1?
Look, the Recruitment will be done till 7th of July, 2019. Then selection will be done till 10th of July. And after a Week or Two week they will start recieving Stable Testing Roms.

So it means, August will be the month when we finally get a "Closed-Secret Android Q Rom". But It will be a "Leaked Rom", not officially availaible one.

So, You might be able to test leaked Rom in August, which will be filled with Bugs and lots of Problems.

Its safe to Assume that Xiaomi might Provide Official Stable Open Rom for Everyone in the month of November or December. Because, Testing Stable Roms might take more than three to four months.

So, I hope Xiaomi Provides Android Q on Poco F1 Before this year ends. 

Overall, the Poco Team is doing awesome work.
Kudos to them !!

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