5 Ultra Useful and Secret Apps "NOT AVAILABLE ON PLAY STORE"!!!

***DISCLAIMER-I "GUARANTEE" each and everyone of you that these apps will ease your life in many ways and will change your way of using a smartphone Completely***

There are more than 2.1 Million applications on the Google Play Store which are categorized in various sections(games,productivity,shopping etc).In this whole lot of applications from the Play Store,there are many spectacular as well as unsatisfactory,useless and fake apps too.Also,some of them are dangerous which can be threat to your privacy;That's a topic for some other day.But,the point is that there are many apps outside the Play Store which are equally useful as well and these apps are not known to many.

So,today I am going to show you some of my handpicked,ultra productive and useful and most importantly SAFE applications which are tried and tested by myself.Don't worry,the download links for the apps are available below their description.


We all listen to a lot of different types of music in our daily lives.And downloading them is a huge task in itself.Sometimes we have to browse through several websites just to download a single song.Or sometimes we pay for premium services to get unlimited downloads in applications like Spotify,Gaana,Saavn etc.What if I tell you that you can download songs directly from YouTube?
You heard it right,YMusic is an app that lets you download songs directly from YouTube in different formats(MP3,M4A and video-1080p,720p,480p).You don't have to go anywhere else as YouTube is a platform which contains all the music ever made in the entire world.Also,at the same time it acts as a music player as well.You should definitely try the app out through the link given below.

Download YMusic.


This app is a straight away replica of the Play Store,but with a twist.This app lets you download paid apps and games for free.The app contains all the apps and games ever made for the play store.Also,this app has a special feature for games.And the best part is,this app not only lets you download games but also lets you to download its mod apks at the same place.Also,the app is regularly updated too.You should definitely check out the app through the link given below.

Download AC Market.


Straightaway telling this app can be a bummer to those who are planning to pay the premium for web streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.This app is the best free alternative to all the other paid web streaming apps.The app contains all the latest web series like Stranger Things season 3 and all the other famous web series ever made for the masses.Along with the web series,the app also contains all the latest movies like John Wick 3,Spiderman:Far From Home in HD prints.You should definitely check this app out through the link given below.

Download Tea TV


You may have seen many apps in which you can stream latest movies and web series,but none of them gives you the option to download.And there comes this app.Basically,Torrentvilla is a torrent search engine.The main feature of the app is that this app lets you to download new movies which are categorized in various sections in torrent formats.Plus, the app is regularly updated.You should definitely check out this app through the link given below.

Download Torrentvilla.


There is always a situation where something important is being telecasted on TV but due to power cut off or due to some other petty reasons we are unable to watch the TV.In these situations,this app will help you. Redbox TV lets you watch almost all TV channels of all countries live.And the good part is,there is more than one link for each channel;even if one link is not working,the other two can be used.I have tested many live TV apps,but this app comes ahead of the whole lot.You can download the app through the link given below.

Download Redbox TV

That's the list of all the secret useful apps not available on the play store.I am sure that you will surely love these apps.Once again reminding,the download links for all the apps are provided below their description.


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