7 Useful Safety Gadgets

We are well aware that our world is not safe to live anymore. Specially, when you live alone. 
News like sexual assaults, harrassments, rape, kidnapping, murder have become really common nowadays.

As a result, women, kids and even men feel unsafe in this dreadful world. We can't change these mosters but we have to find a way to protect ourselves or atleast reduce the damage they can cause.

Locking ourselves inside our homes is surely not an option. 

So, what can we do to reduce it? Well here are the basic needs to safety.

  • Stay aware of your surroundings
Our sorounding affects us in a greater extent. We cannot just walk blindly somewhere and expect to be safe. We need to stay aware of what's going on around us, if someone is following us, if someone is routined to be present everywhere you go, strage stares and everything that might lead to a tragedy.
Stay aware!! Don't sleep walk!!

  • Know where you are or what you are into
Everyone is affraid of stepping into something new but we can't always stay at the same place and not live our lives, can we? 
But one thing we can do is,
research before stepping into something new. And really understand the locality including both (good and bad) sides of it.

  • Self Defence
So, this is a brief topic, self defence can be the result of your reflexes, self defence training or adrinaline. 

But if you're someone like me, who goes numb during such situations and can't think straight out of shock and apparantly ends up worse. Then you might want to know about some safety gadgets that will help you protect yourself.

So, here I've gathered information about some safety gadgets with their respective market price (that might fluctuate) and you can find them all online.
So, lets begin.

7 Gadgets for self defence and safety

(1) Pepper spray or Pepper Shot Gun

It is most commonly used self defence equipment. As it is easily accessible and cheaply available. But you need to remember that just spraying it two times, is enough to hurt the attacker. Whilst spraying it simultaneously can empty the bottle in less than 9 seconds.

So, use it cleverly.
Sprays cost around ₹150 and Shotguns are a bit expensive around 1K. 
(2) Cut resistant safety sleeves and Gloves

These are basically the kitchen equipment and can be used as saftey Gadgets. These Gloves are made to resist the sharp blade of any kind of knife, protecting your skin.
These can be used by people living in dangerous neighbourhood or dealing with the sinister environment while walking home or going to work.

They cost around ₹1,500 online.

(3) Personal Safety Alarm Keychains

These keychains are present in various kinds, online. Cheaper and expesive ones. They look like any normal keychain but they are not that ordinary. 

With a simple twist, turn, pushing a button or snatching the chain it makes a  deafening high pitched noise that is enough to scare the attackers and call for help. These vary from price to price, have different kind of sounds and pitch. Mosty the siren sounds upto 120 decible alarm. They also have laser light feature.

Ahh!larm is an impressive looking heart shaped secret safety gadget similar to these type.

(4) Apple watches and other smart watches

Considering safety of the user. All apple watches support the SOS signal feature, since the watch OS 3 update of apple.
These watches have the feature of dialing emergency contact by pressing the side button. It connects the call from nearby iphone or the watch itself if you have the wi-fi or another number associated with your watch. 

Many smart watches also have the similar features, the safety contacts will be informed as soon as it detects something is wrong with you. Your contacts will even be able to track you on map. 
You just need to find one suitable to your budget.

(5) Locket GPS tracker

Now, this is a really impressive gadget to have. It looks just like a jewellery you wear, but holds a lot in it. It is associated with an app that asks you for a proper registration and informations, you feed your safety contacts. In the time of emergency, you just need to press the button for a few seconds and all your location and talks can be recorded and tracked. 

It costs around ₹4,000 online.

(6) Safety Rings

These are the secretive gadgets that look like a normal rings but can save your life in distress.
Just with the 3 second press, It sends a message and your location to the safety circle that you would designate in the phone app that is associated with it, notifying them that you're in danger. Some of these rings also allow the chat feature so that you could contact with more details.
The price may vary according to their features, you can find them around ₹300-400 and more, online.

(7) Zoook Moto 69 safety baton

Now, this is my favourite. Who doesn't want to hurt those evil people out there. Give them a little taste of how it feels right? Well, I sure do.

So, it looks like a normal torch and it is equipped with flashlight and laser beam.
But it also has a feature of giving an electric shock to the attackers, yess!! you just need to press the button and the person in front of you will get a mild electric shock that is enough to disable them for 20-30 minutes. 
It carries the current of 200,000 volt and is reachargable. 
It also has an alarm feature with a deafening noise that can help you find help.

It costs around 1000 and less.

So, are you going to keep feeling sorry and scared about the world.
Or you going to take control of the situation?

Better prepared than sorry!!

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