[Easy Trick]How To Convert YouTube Video To Mp3?


Good News for the users who would like to play YouTube videos in background. But it's not possible to play YouTube videos in background. Then, what should they do to play audio of a particular YouTube video?
I would explain the answer of this question very soon. Read full article to know, how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 with the help of video's link. This article is going to be very small because the trick is so easy and simple for the people who love to listen mp3 music and would like to extract mp3 audio from YouTube video's link.

I found a website which is very satisfying, but before telling about it I would like to share my personal experience which  may help many content creator.
I was searching some free audio on internet to put it in video but I was not able to get it's mp3 version but it is available on YouTube in the form of video. Then, I started searching how to convert that video into mp3 format, this happened and I discovered a website named whose address is
"https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com". There are many online converters but I personally used this and I am using this since an year, this is free and genuine website which enables you to get mp3 from YouTube videos through their link.


  • Click on the icon with the text "Convert A Video Link".

  • Now you will see a text box, just copy the URL of the YouTube video which you have to convert into mp3 and paste it into that text box.

  • By clicking on the More Settings just below the format section, you can select the quality of the audio in which video is to extracted.

  • Click on Start, but before clicking on start check the format section in which mp3 must be selected to extract mp3 audio.

  • The video will started to be processed and within 5 seconds, your video will be converted into audio format and you can download it directly by clicking on Download Now button.

That it you converted your video into mp3 format.

NOTE:(Apart from the Heading)
This website also allows you to do several more works like,
  • Converting a video into different video formats just through a link of the video or by a video file.

  • Converting a video into different audio format just through a video link or by a video file.

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