GTA VI feat Narcos

GTA has a separate fan base in itself. I can't think of anybody not loving the GTA San Andreas, from there we came a long way to the amazing GTA V which was on a whole new level. It’s been a long time though since a new GTA game has released with GTA V being almost 6 years old, and Rumours about GTA VI have been floating for years.

Some new and exciting leaks have surfaced about the upcoming GTA VI though via reddit, the news is spreading that the game is going to be set in Vice City with the timeline of 1970s and 1980s. This new game of the series is said to be highly inspired by the hit Netflix series- Narcos. If the leaks are true we will playing this game as Ricardo who is aspiring to be a drug lord (sounds so peaceful, right!).
According to the same leaks though the game is going to be next generation exclusive, so you’ll have to wait for PS5 or Xbox project Scarlett. That being said it might not be until the end of 2020 that we get to see this awesome game.

The weapon system of this game will be like that of Max Payne and the popular RDR2 which means you can only use the weapon you carry, but the good thing is you’ll be able to carry your weapons in your car trunk and change your loadout accordingly.
Also the thing I found amazing about this game was that the map and the area around you will also change with the changing years, I mean real time development in a game. WOW. How far has gaming come to, never thought such things were possible while I played GTA San Andreas in my first PC. 
Well there are quite a few things nobody thought would happen but here we are.

Let us know what you think about the game and the leaks.
Also what are the things you never thought would happen!!

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