How To Unlock MIUI 10 And Install TWRP Recovery

How To Unlock MIUI 10 And Install TWRP Recovery
    First thing to do if you want to install a TWRP recovery or any kind of recovery, your device should be unlocked. Unlocking an MIUI 10 device leads to some steps to follow. It may take some time as Xiaomi forces user with some time period lock while processing of the unlocking of the device. Now quickly jump into the process to unlock the device. This can be applicable with any MIUI device. Before starting the process “Disclaimer Alert” on doing this all your data will be erased thus take a backup before starting, and am not responsible for any of your damage.

Steps for Unlocking Your device

On phone

  • Goto About Phone > tap on MIUI version several times to enable developer option.
  • Now head over to Settings  > Additional Settings > Developer Option > Enable OEM unlocking and Enable USB Debugging.
  • Now go to MIUI Unlock Status available in Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Option and add MIUI account by clicking “Add Account And Device
  • If error like connect to network and try again, then just signout and signin your MIUI account.
  • Now turn off your device and boot into “FASTBOOT” by long pressing power + volume down and plugin to your pc.

On PC/Laptop

  • Install ADB drivers onto your PC using this link
  • Download the MIUI Unlock Tool using this link
  • Now head over to the downloaded MIUI unlock tool and run MIUI Unlock as administrator.
  • Next login with the same account that is present in your device.
  • Check your phone is displayed or not.
  • If yes click Unlock, it will prompt with some message simply clock Unlock.
  • Now it will begin the process, and a time period will be provided like try after 170mins or some other time. Nothing you could do with that. Just wait and try after the given time period and do the same process on PC/Laptop. 

  • Now it will show Unlock Successful.
  • Reboot Your Device.

Installing TWRP Recovery

  • Firstly download the Recovery, we are using Peters Recovery (Download)
  • Extract the img file from the downloaded Zip
  • Turn off your device and boot into “FASTBOOT” - power + volume down and plug in to your PC/Laptop.
  • Now open cmd in your PC/Laptop and type - “ fastboot flash recovery 
    Then drag and drop the extracted .img file onto the cmd and press Enter.
  • Twrp is now installed on your device, you can access it by pressing power + volume up


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