TV Time: A must have app for all the TV series lovers

If you love watching TV shows or Anime or even cartoons and watch a lot of this stuff like me, you’re going to love this app. When you have a lot of shows rounding up or you have some unfinished series which aired its last season years ago or even if you watch a lot of shows together episode by episode. I know how hard it can be to keep track of all of it. Remembering the last episode or even the last season you watched is impossible sometimes and then you have to get a rough idea of where you left the show and keep searching the right episode for hours (I have personally experienced it so many times), it’s frustrating.

But I’ve got a solution for all of you nerds out there (welcome to the team). There is an app called ‘TV Time’ which will make your entertainment life easier and only fun.

What is TV Time

So in simple terms what this app does is, it keeps track of all the TV you’ve watched over time or are watching now. Don’t get the wrong ideas, it does not automatically do so. You have to manually tick on the show or season or the episode you’ve watched and it keeps it saved for you and when you’ve watched another episode you tick on that one too. Using it is really simple and hardly takes a second to mark your watched episode with the help of its ‘Watch list’ widget. It’s like an app that keeps your expense report, just instead of expenses it keeps a report of all the shows you have ever watched. Well not only this, this app also recommends you show based on your watched history and the recommendations are pretty good. Also you can check the total time you’ve ever spent watching shows and the total no. of episodes watched. 


  • ·         It helps you track episodes and you know where you left off.
  • ·         You can discover TV shows you’ll love.
  • ·         This app also provides update on the upcoming episodes of the shows you are watching.
  • ·         You get synopsis of every episode without any spoilers.
  • ·         You can react, comment on each episode and also rate it and see how other fans rated it.
  • ·         Also you can vote for your favourite character in every episode.
  • ·         You can follow others to see their fav show and the time they’ve spent watching shows.
  • ·         You also earn badges for reaching different milestones and feel proud of yourself (never thought watching shows would make you proud eh).
  • ·         There are even widgets for ‘upcoming’ episodes and your ‘watch list’ which makes it even easier to track your TV Time.

How to use the app

It is very easy to use and has a simple UI, start off by downloading the app from here:


  • ·         Create your profile, it helps you follow and get followers.
  • ·         Search for the shows you want to add as watched. And mark them watched.
  • ·         Search for the apps to put on your watching list.
  • ·         Enjoy.

Yes it is as simple as this and extremely useful if you want to keep track of all your shows or boast to your friends about how many months or years it would take him to watch the number of episodes you’ve watched. It will even amaze you.

I’ve personally used this app and it is great. 
It helps me keep my entertainment life just fun and restrains me from becoming Sherlock (hope you get this one). My score is 05 months 26 days and 22 hours btw, what's your?

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