Xiaomi Promotes Apple!!

'mimoji' by Xiaomi

So Xiaomi had a small hiccup yesterday when they accidentally uploaded an Apple music ‘memoji’ ad on both their sites above the ‘mimoji’ name. I don’t understand how the person who made this mistake could even have misunderstanding between Apple’s ‘memoji’ and Xiaomi’s ‘mimoji’! I mean they are totally different, even their name has a huge difference of an ‘I’, right?

'memoji' by apple

The latest smartphone series by Xiaomi the MI CC series apparently made for the youth of this generation has the support of this feature called the ‘mimoji’ it is basically an augmented reality emoji, that means it makes your facial expressions into a 3D animation. If you still don’t understand it, it’s the same thing which Apple brought to the market in the name of ‘memoji’. So Xiaomi slacked off there too, all they did was change the ‘e’ to an ‘i’. That’s some real hard work, Xiaomi.

Xiaomi copying apple is not really a news Xiaomi recently launched their MI dots, which i don't think i need to say more about and it has happened a lot, and frankly speaking it doesn’t even matter (yes I listen to Linkin Park) as long as a feature is implemented perfectly and we all get to use it for an affordable price. Apple copies features from android all the time too. But what really took the headline here is what Xiaomi accidentally did.

What Actually Happened!

Xiaomi decided to promote its own brand new feature ‘mimoji’ in their website yesterday, someone noticed on weibo that what they have actually promoted was not their own ’mimoji’ but apple’s ‘memoji’. The company staff which was in charge of taking care of this task made a terrible mistake of “uploading the wrong content” said Xu Jieyun, Xiaomi’s public relations general manager. Instead of posting their own ad the person in charge put up the Apple music ‘memoji’ ad which features an AR version of the musical artist Khaleed singing a song.

While this mistake by Xiaomi may not be disastrous it sure is embarrassing for the company. Copying a product and making it obvious is one thing but revealing that you have actually done it, is quite embarrassing and funny too. Xiaomi will surely be mocked for this soon.

by Apple

by Xiaomi

I don’t know how Xiaomi will face this little crisis they had but it’ll surely be entertaining for us to watch.

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