Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is it Even Practical?

Mi Mix Alpha, is it Practical?

So Today Xiaomi Went All too Far With its New Concept Smartphone "The Mi Mix Alpha".

While the Mix Series of Smartphones were mainly based on bringing the Screen to Body Ratio as closer to 100%, This Time Xiaomi did it even further and further to 180% which is insane, Which is not only Incredible but also Incredulous.

Not Only the Screen that Blends both sides is Perfect and Pleasing to the eyes, but also the internals they Provide is Astonishing.
Each and Every Specs has been maxed to the Maximum Hardware Availaible,
Like Snapdragon 855+
12GB of Ram
512GB of UFS 3.0 Storage
a Whopping 108Mega Pixel Camera
With 20+12 MP Wide & Telephoto Lens
A 4000mAh Battery With Quick Charge 4.0 Support
and Wireless Charging Support upto 30W
5G Network, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC and Bunch of other Features.

The Truth is it all Seems Great and it All Seems a Dream to have it in one Phone.

But, is this Smartphone Practical?
Or Practical enough to use every day without any concern?
First of All If We talk about the Screen itself, which is the main USP of the Product, But its also the Weakest Part of the Device itself !!

If this Device Falls from your hand which seems very likely due to its all Slippery Screen thing going around, it might break easily because it will always fall from the screen and the impact will be direct.

Not Only this, You will have hard time figuring out How and Where to Put this Smartphone so it will be safe? Like You can't easily just keep it on a Table, a Wooden Surface or inside your pocket.

So taking care is a Must for this Smartphone, especially.
But to take Care of a Smartphone, People Rely upon Screen Protectors as Well as Cases, but this smartphone Seems Unlikely to have any of those !!

Just think How Manufacturers are going to create Screen Protectors or Cases for a device like that?
Yeah, Plastic Screen Guards are Possible, Yet it will be hefty to apply them and keep them intact .
So these limitations will make these Devices always Prone to getting Scratched or Getting Break at some time.

Also, People will have hard time getting used to this Product, I mean, Even if AI is So Great that it detects Mis-touches happening all over the screen, Still its not at all Possible to detect each and every Mis-Touches.
You Will always have to adjust your hands according to screen or Hold it Awkwardly as shown in Launch Event How Lei Jun was handling the Smartphone.

In the Event, He holds the Device by placing both the Fingers on both sides leaving a tremendous amount of gap between the palm and the screen.

And also his little finger supported the smartphone from below.

So thats how you gonna hold yours smartphone most of the time because it will calculate mis-touches sometimes.

While Looking at a video we even found a place where a mis-touch happens, just look at the very first hands on video of it and you will see the Settings Page Popping out of Nowhere, and it was a Mistouch, Clearly. Watch :

Now If We say more about screen, Video Makers or Vloggers will also have hard time figuring how to put this phone on tripod or Gimbals, Because the Phone Holder will have to clamp it by sides where its all screen.

So it becomes a Risky Job to !!

And Even if all this thing doesn't Bother You, There is this one Big Area where it seriously need a Second thought, Thats the Price.

This Smartphone is Priced at Chinese Yuan 1999 Which is Equal to 2 Lakhs Indian Rupees or 2800 US Dollars.

And I have not seen any other Smartphones to go at that level of Pricing, Even the Apple Iphones are not that Expensive and You can get A Macbook Pro too !!
And Also a Bike if you are a Rider.. Just Saying.

So Overall this Smartphone is Great, Awesome, and there is not a Single Smartphone in the market right now which competes to Mi Mix Alpha, Its the Alpha, its the Beginning of a New Era, a New Generation of Smartphones. 

But its not at all Perfect.

Its for the Riches, its for the People who believes and invest in a Concept.
Its not for us, Not for You, Not For Everyone,
But for Someone who Wish he didn't have that much money...

I hope You like and Enjoy this Article.
Thanks for Reading,
See You Guys Next time.
Bubye !!

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