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This is the 21st century, and everyone with access to technology is an internet user.
People access NetFlix, YouTube, the same as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
However, it will be bitter if we try accessing these websites and find out that it has been blocked.
The answer is a VPN. A VPN, meaning Virtual Private Network collects your information and encrypts it. It then changes your IP address to another, usually from another location, before you're connected to the internet.
Using a VPN will remain good if used for legal purposes. A VPN has many advantages, and the disadvantages are negligible. Let's start by clearing a common myth about VPNs in India, then we come to the advantages before telling you the best VPN provider to use in India.

Is a VPN legal in India?
This is a common misconception among Indian internet users. Most people think that VPN services are illegal in India.
This is not true. At the moment, there is law currently banning the use of VPN services in India.

Why use a VPN in India?
When talking about countries that constantly monitor the online activities of its citizens, India is a great contender. You may access a website today and the next day, it has been censored.
With a VPN however, you don't need to worry about blocked websites. A VPN simply hides your original location, so that it looks as though your connection was made from a different geo-location.
How VPN works in India
You are actually browsing from India. Your computer connects with an external server usually in another country, e.g. the United States. The external server is then used to connect to the internet.
In this way, all the websites you connect to using this external VPN will assume you're browsing from the United States. This way, you can easily bypass all geographical restrictions.

Advantages of using a VPN in India
·        Bypass content censorship
India is a country whose government is actively censoring websites. However, you never have to fall victim to a blocked website using a VPN. As a VPN changes your IP address, which subsequently changes your geographical location. You'll access any web content you want, from the United States, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and most especially - in India!

·        Staying anonymous online
A VPN helps you stay anonymous online by changing your IP addresses. This way, Internet Service Providers may not be able to detect who you are.

·        Avoid government issues
The VPN anonymity helps you keep away from the government monitoring eyes, thereby allowing you to view restricted websites without the government finding out.

·        Encrypting data
Data you share while on a VPN are very strongly encrypted if you get the VPN right. When the data is encrypted, t is hardly possible to trace the data back to you.
The use of a VPN is legal in India. However, the use of a VPN for malicious purposes is also illegal. For example, using a VPN to download and view illegal content, sell firearms, etc.
If you're caught using a VPN for these purposes, it's at your risk. We only preach using the VPN for good purposes it was meant for.
Note: Accessing blocked websites using a VPN without downloading or viewing illegal materials is not necessarily illegal.

Factors to Consider when selecting the Best VPN for India
While choosing a VPN provider in India, there are many important factors to consider, these include.

·        Speed – The speed of a VPN is important in choosing a reliable VPN. A VPN with slow speeds should be kept at the backstage. No one is ready to wait a minute for a YouTube video to load.

·        Price – A pocket-friendly VPN will be chosen over a too-expensive VPN. However, never go for free or too cheap VPNs, it's dangerous.

·        Bandwidth – To make sure you're always connected, choose only a VPN with unlimited bandwidth space for use in India.

·        Servers in Strategic Locations – Be sure to choose a VPN with many servers spread across many geo-locations around the world. This is helpful because you can access any website without any stress. If it's blocked in China, move to the US.

·        Security – Do not choose a VPN except you're assured of security. Choose only a VPN that provides military-grade encryption on your data before transportation with no-logs policy.
Finding a VPN in India which satisfies the above condition is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, the only solution you can ever find is RitaVPN.

Meet RitaVPN
RitaVPN is a credible VPN solution you should use in India. It provides military-grade encryption on your data and is widely popular for its blazing fast speeds.
Besides, RitaVPN has high-quality servers across many countries of the world, so you don't have to worry about locked content.

The unlimited bandwidth will make sure you're never locked out and their helpful customer support is ever ready to help.

You can visit the RitaVPN website to see what users are saying about them.
Other features include
·        Ease of use
·        Technical support
·        Anonymous internet use
·        Compatibility with all major operating systems and synchronization
RitaVPN is very cheap, you can get a plan for as low as $5.42 per month which is billed yearly. You can view other plans on the website.

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